Ravelympic 2010 updates…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a little distracted by all the exciting things happening on my television set! I was crocheting alone, and then the Mogul competition got going and I forgot to keep crocheting and lost what row I was on…Thank heaven’s my big project for the design a published pattern is a pretty easy to remember stitch repetition for the base of it!

So, far I am not the only Team Flaming Hooks member to face an injury, after the attack on my finger, fellow team mate and all star crocheter, Crochetexaminer, had the wind come out of no where and slam a door on her finger…I tell ya, it’s a conspiracy…Of what? By whom? Who knows…All jokes aside, it’s so much fun to do this, it’s exciting to crochet for the stretch of it, stretching our skills, our speed, our talents, our knowledge base, that’s the best part!

With over 50 projects listed on our Team Flaming Hooks group projects page, most of them finished, this appears it will be an active games! I will be featuring these throughout the week…For now, I’ll feature the one I made impromptu yesturday for my neice, Wonder Princess Gwen…A heart shaped pocket purse (that came with some yummy bon bons)…Just in time for Ravelympics and Valentine’s Day! WHOOT!

3 responses to “Ravelympic 2010 updates…

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  2. I love the purse. It is so cute and I’m sure your niece loved it! I’m so happy to be doing the Ravelympics. I too had to stop crocheting during the excitement of the moguls! Keep it up and Go Team Flaming Hooks!

    • As it contained Pez and Vanilla Tootsie Rolls (her favoooooooooooooorites), it was quite well recieved. Her older brother was quite relieved to NOT get a heart shaped purse.

      Hook on! This is a fun games so far!

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