Daily Archives: March 5, 2010

CLF Retreat: It’s not just pretty…

So, I’ve talked up the venue, it’s time to switch some gears. Let’s talk about what’s going to transpire at the retreat!

This is a different set up from the other conferences and events I’ve attended. Based off conversations with CLF members, fellow crochet enthusiasts, and comrades in the hook, I’ve arranged something to do more than just provide a venue to expand our crochet knowledge; it will forge life long memories!

One of my beefs with my conference experiences was that I hardly ever had a good amount of time to just sit and be with the people I traveled so far to meet! My online friends, the crocheters I admire, we are always so busy that we maybe get the chance to sit down for half a cup of coffee, if we’re lucky do dinner or squeeze in lunch and then fly. For me, beyond the craft that I love, it’s about people. I mean if I want to expand my skills, I don’t have to take a class, I can sit down with videos, books, and attempt trial and error discovery. I mean that worked for me for over 25 years! Why do I go to conferences? To be with other people who love what I love, people who understand why I love the feel of the hook in my hand and how it glides in a graceful dance in my fingers as I create things. I go to events with other crocheters, because like me, they also  buy too much yarn, make things for those they love, use crochet to relax, and get this delightful feeling of accomplishment when they tackle a new project and complete it to the weaving in of the ends.

And then, I do learn. The first thing I learned at a conference was how much I really did know, I thought I wasn’t that great a crocheter. When a well known crocheter came up to my yarn stall and gushed over my wares and my crochet, I learned that I was indeed “a designer.” I met generous spirits who encouraged me, and I learned to pass on that generosity to others. We are connected via our love of fiber arts. And that my friends is what this retreat is about: Connections.

Our mornings will have classes ranging from how to make your own hook to crochet Fair Isle, to Free Forming, and Photographing your work, to my classes All about the Yarn and Commando Crochet: Let’s go patternless.

After a lunch in town or in your cabin, we’ll meet up in the afternoons to crochet together, take a nature hike or two, learn about color theory and texture theory out in nature, on the beach or in the forest. We will crochet afghan squares for a special auction item for our partner in crime, Center For Wooden Boats.

We have games planned, from pass the swatch where we create our own one of a kind souvenir of the retreat to playing the free form game! Speakers will spin yarns for us to take home (ok they’ll tell stories or give us great information) and we will kick it all off with a fabulous opening ceremony complete with a yarn tasting.

What’s more? We’ll sing songs, roast marshmallows, get silly, maybe yarn bomb each other, and make deep and lasting friendships, or enrich existing friendships. 

I’m soooo excited! So don’t forget to book mark the CLF Website, think about what crochet classes you want to take, think about what crochet memories you want to make! I’m hoping to have a sizable head count by June so I can get all of the goody bags in good order. So the sooner you register the better! But, if not, we’ll have enough, that’s just me and my “don’t do it at the last minute” syndrome 😉 I can’t wait to see you!