Daily Archives: March 9, 2010

CLF NEWS: The Flamies

Ok, I’m working on them, I really am! Between getting the retreat website up and running, and entering the Flamies into the survey (line by line….line by line), trying to ensure everyone’s name is spelled correctly, and their Ravelry ID’s are correct…It’s crazy time 😉

So, here’s what you want to know: Voting starts on next Monday  Today March 11! (I got everything done faster than I thought!), it will last for ONE WEEK. Please keep your eyeballs peeled to this blog for the links. I will also release it on Twitter, AND Ms. Mary Beth Temple has been kind enough to be our Hostess with the Mostest over on Getting Loopy! So tune in to listen to her show every Monday, and be prepared for the Flamie Awards to happen on April 19, 2010 on her show. It ain’t the Oscar’s but it’s entertaining!

The one thing I can tell you. My Fearless Leader Award has a winner. They don’t know yet either, but they will soon. I made that decision two weeks ago when I was wondering upon who’s shoulders I would bestow the most coveted of crochet accolades…You’ll ahve to wait and see 😉