CLF NEWS: The Flamies Nominees

As I get to organizing the web survey for voting for the 2010 C rochet Awards, The annual Flamies, I thought I would switch things up a bit and blog a little more individually about the various categories. Now I certainly can’t get every category blogged solo before next Monday when voting begins, but I can get a few fun photos up here, and some interesting posts that will help inform you, the crochet public, about the nominees.

Once again I want to stress, we have a lot of categories, and you don’t have to vote for every one of them. If you don’t feel qualified for one category you will for another. Such as the one we’re featuring today, the Best Crochet Design (for Adults) of 2009. What qualifies you? We’ll you’ll love one or more of them, or not, you have an opinion, use it.

Trinity Lace Shrug by Annie Modesitt

 Shawlette in Chains by Kristin Omdahl

 Samira Sweater by Julia Vaconsin

 Avalon Top by Doris Chan

 Tokyo Jacket by Vashti Braha

 Pretty Pleats Skirt by Annie Modesitt

 by Kristen TenDyke

 Luna Sweater by Kim Guzman

 Wings of the Valkyrie by Jennifer Bensen

What a slate! What a SLATE!  Congratulations to the designers who’s designs were nominated. We have some pretty picky folk in the CLF! Ooooh, I’m getting excited!

Stay tuned for more great Flamie News, here at the CLF Blog. Don’t forget to check out our website, there you can grab a download of our book, or register for our retreat this coming october! Check out our Crochet Friendly LYS list, and our video links!


7 responses to “CLF NEWS: The Flamies Nominees

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  2. How exciting to learn that my Tokyo Jacket has been nominated! I’d bet that many designers would agree that the Flamies really add to the fun of designing!

    • Totally awesome isn’t it? And congratulations!! I hope it does add to the fun, that’s the point…I mean really isn’t life too damn snarky and serious?

  3. At the risk of sounding like a total newbie dork: Holy crap! This is awesome! 😀

  4. I’m totally blown away by being nominated (that’s the real honor) – thank you! This is something I really needed today (as I work on a new IK design!) Thank you!

    • Congratulations! It’s been really great to watch the process of nominations throughout the year, and now the voting. I don’t think I could ever get tired of the excitment this process generates! Good luck!

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