CLF NEWS: Time vote for the FLAMIES!

Ok…yes dear crochetiers I have not slept, yet. I spent the night doing some CLF admin work, including completing the “ballot” for the 2010 Crochet Awards, the Flamies!

You can cast your vote by going to  Please note: Voting will take place from today March 11, 2010 until Monday March 22, 2010 11.59pm PDT.  (Yes, Daylight savings approacheth)…

Please let your voice be heard…and keep  your eyes posted right here on this blog for more fabulous photos and links to designers websites, books, etc etc etc, so that you can make informed voting decisions!

The Crochet Liberation Front is the proud sponsor of the annual Crochet Awards, hosted on Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple, the Awards will be hosted on April 19, 2010 on the Getting Loopy Show!

Please visit the CLF official website to get your copy of the CLF First Ever Book on .pdf and register for our Fall Retreat!


2 responses to “CLF NEWS: Time vote for the FLAMIES!

  1. Hi! It’s great work you do, having crochet-wide awards. I’ve just been and voted for my favourite nominees. Thank you.

    Just thought I’d mention, there’s a typo in Karen Drouin’s Rav ID.

    Thank you again and kudos for the organisation!

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