CLF NEWS: Crochet Awards Nominees 2010: Best Designer Women’s Fashion

Wow! Voting has gotten off to a great start! It’s soo much fun to watch the ties, and the steady races. So many of the contenders are sooo close it’s amazing. As with last year, every vote counts, so please cast yours, it could be the deciding tally!

Now as promised we’re going to feature photos on the blog of designs made by the nominees or the designs themselves (as with the first blog post of this nature) so you can make an educated decision in your voting!

Before you pour through the pictures, remember this award goes to the body of that designers work, not merely to the photos on this blog. I don’t have the room, nor do I have the time to put up the entirety of last years fibery goodness that came out of the wonderfully creative heads and hands of these designers! Please look them up on Ravelry and else where on the web before voting. If I could award them all, I would!

So here are some designs by the nominees in the category for Best Designer Women’s Fashion:

Kim Guzman’s Luna Sweater (also nominated for best Crochet Design 2009) featured in Interweave Magazine 

Lisa Gentry’s Wrap Sweater from Leisure Arts

 Julia Vaconsin’s Samira Sweater featured in Inside Crochet (UK),

also nominated for best crochet design 2010.

 Angela Best’s “Red Hot” from “New Ides for Today’s Crochet”

 Margaret Wilson’s Camelia Jacket

 Tammy Hildebrand’s Mocha Stripes

 Robyn Chachula’s Frosted Waves from Crochet Today Magazine.

The Crochet Liberation Front is the proud sponsor the annual Crochet Awards: Aka the Flamies! (Beause of our Flaming Hook of Justice), visit our website to download our ground breaking book or register for our historic retreat coming this Fall!  Join us on under groups!

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