CLF NEWS:Flamie Nominees Best Designer for Men’s Wear & Accessories

Hi everyone, once again at the risk of sounding like a broken record, WOW the response has been ammmmmaaaaazzzzing!  As ever I want to remind you that any photos shown here are just a single representation of a body of work done by the designer. Please investigate them further! The whole point to the Flamie Awards is to showcase crochet in all it’s greatness, and to help promote the many fine individuals and companies in our industry.

We don’t make money from the Awards,  so if you could please see to visiting our website and checking out either our CLF First Ever Book or our store on Zazzle, even check out our retreat coming to you this October 2010!

Also, and maybe I’ll remember to fix our About Page, our membership has really grown this year! The goal for March 2010 was 5,000 we are about 10 people away from that goal! To join us is free, do so by going to our group!

The nominees for Best Designer: Men’s Wear & Accessories

Carol Wolf for her sweaters, scarves and men’s accessories 

Drew Emborsky for his sweaters & accessories

Lisa Von Klaveren for her mens accessories

Tracie St. John for her mens vest & accessories

Remember to vote at


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