Daily Archives: March 18, 2010

CLF NEWS: 5000 members! Website Updates & A hitch…

We have officially become 5000 voices strong! This is amazing. You have no idea what it’s like for me, to sit at my friend’s kitchen table or the library (where I can get a decent internet connection), plotting and scheming and scheming and plotting the domination of crochet of the globe. Ok, that part is still a joke. Me being “Fearless Leader” is a fun joke too, but the CLF is not a joke. What a wonderful collective body! I’d be posting about this on Ravelry right now if I could, but something is either going on with me or it, and I can’t post right now…sadness. I’m sure we’ll fix it all just fine soon enough, no rush, I just want to thank all 5,000 people on our message board.

One member put it so nicely, and to paraphrase, with 5,000 people it still feels intimate and cozy. That is such a complement, because that was the goal. Sure we have disagreements, but with maturity. We talk about some pretty weighty issues and they remain civil discussions.

I will never ever back down about my being anti-sweat shop labor, or against designers giving away their work for peanuts, nor shall I stay quiet about large publishing houses and yarn companies not providing fair compensation. If I find out some unseemly truth, I will speak out against it.

I will not let us be called whiners, or malcontents, without addressing the very real issues that we have been shut out, and put down. That we will strive to gain equal footing by showing our best, and being our best. The other thing I will not rest at doing is educating people about the truth of crochet, and de-mythtifying it!

You can read about some of the CLF Aims on our Just the FAQs page on our website! Which I have recently updated to reflect our membership growth, and fixed broken links for the retreat pages (some worked/some didn’t…le grand sigh), currently I’m talking to a caterer about one of the days at the retreat and if folks are interested in Greek food let me know. I can do a poll for the menu and have folks vote on it to make our decision, and what kind of price range they are comfortable with 🙂 The owner of the restaurant makes the most delicious food, it’s homestyle but still modern and even better delicious!

And my hitch…I’m having trouble on Ravelry. I cannot post, or respond to messages, restarting my puter didn’t help, my cookies are enabled, so I’m sure they know there is a problem and are working on it. No complaints against them there at all! But, I wanted you all to know I’d be in the CLF partying for all I’m worth if I could!

Thank you all 5,000 you have taken my little joke and made us a force to be heard…that is no small thing!