CLF News: 2010 Voting, results are in…

Yeah, isn’t that a tease, cause I won’t say who won, not just yet…but the results are in! Voting ended last night at 11:59pm Pacific as planned. Winners will be announced on Getting Loopy, Monday April 19th!

If you are a winner you will be hearing from me this week, to all of the nominees I congratulate you on being nominated by your peers in crochet, and know  that too, is a winning vote!

Now, I promise to continue blogging about the various categories that I couldn’t get to before the vote, and I shall. I do want you to know that frankly the blog posts influenced the voting very little. I also want to tell you that next years process is going to be different. I will be forming a nominating committee and we will take suggestions from the CLF, but I figure two or three people to work with me, will help make the process a little more well rounded and fleshed out 😉

Thanks to all who participated in the process!

Nominees for Best Podcast:

Getting Loopy

The Yarnthing Podcast

The Crochet Side

All of these are fine podcasts, and even though Mary Beth Temple is our Flamies host, I can tell you I personally enjoyed all THREE of these. Though sadly The Crochet Side has been put to bed.


2 responses to “CLF News: 2010 Voting, results are in…

  1. Amy (aka Greenwoman)

    I agree that all three are good podcasts. I was sorry to see The Crochet Side go. (I’m also sorry you’re no longer podcasting, Oh Fearless Leader, but I understand how time consuming it must be.) I wish I’d have thought to nominate Lion Brand’s Yarncraft podcast. They do a nice job of giving crochet equal billing with knitting. Do you know of any other crochet podcasts? Everything I’m finding is all knitting, knitting, knitting. Even Marly had been heavy on the knitting lately although I still love her podcast. She has such a great laugh that it’s worth tuning in just for that!

  2. LOL…yeah time consuming it is, especially when there are a billion other things to do and you live on a dial up connection 🙂 LOL If I had dsl at home, I’d go the blogtalk radio route 🙂 Someday…if the phone company ever gets there thumbs outta…well you know where.

    It would be great for a crocheter to take on another crochet podcast, after all can we ever get enough crochet?

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