2010 Crochet Awards: The perks of being Fearless Leader

I’m getting so excited; The Flamies are coming! The Flamies are coming! It’s funny some people have interpreted Flamies to mean we’re putting down crochet, and have missed out on the fact that the standard of the CLF for all members to bear, is the Flaming Hook of Justice! The awards are named after our beloved Flaming Hook.

One of the best perks of being FL is the fact that I get to know who won in advance, AND I get to see the wonderful award graphics as they are being made by 3-D graphic artist Darlisa Riggs (publisher and editor of Crochet Uncut). OMG they are so awesome this year, a completely different design to last year, and if I could afford to have the trophies made for real I so would! Beautiful rendering by a very very talented woman, I can not wait until they get unveiled! Darlisa has requested we keep it hush hush until she gives the nod, so this is all I can say right now. What I will say though, is the winners should just be thrilled to have them, beause they are gorgeous!

Thank you Darlisa! Check out Darlisa’s work, her art website is linked in the top right hand corner of the blog! Please honor her talents by checking out her detailed and creative work! 

Don’t forget to tune into to Getting Loopy for the 2010 Crochet Awards: The Flamies. Monday, April 19 6pm pacific/9 Eastern!

2 responses to “2010 Crochet Awards: The perks of being Fearless Leader

  1. I am a film costume historian and am in the process of restoring a costume worn by Ingrid Bergman in the film “Gaslight”. The garment has be reworked for later films and the Irish crochet trim that was originally on the neckline was removed and replace with eyelet lace. I know absolutely nothing about crochet and am looking for someone that can recreate the original trim. It would measure approximately 16″ long and approximately 1″ wide. I have a good photo showing the trim and the pattern which appears to be small circular flowers, connected by a grid work and ending with a scalloped edge.

    If anyone is capable of recreating such a trim and has the desire to work on the restoration of the film costume, please let me know and give me an idea of what it would cost. I can e-mail the photo of the trim so you can get a better idea of the pattern.

    I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

    Larry McQueen

    • A) Love, love, LOVE that movie. I think I even remember the dress! LOL
      B) I am sure someone will speak up for this. You can certainly contact me as I may be able to reproduce the lace from a photo.
      C) Did I say I love that film?

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