2nd Annual Crochet Awards Tonight!!

The day has come! The Flamies are here! The Flamies are here! I can now unveil the award and what it looks like!! I’m sooooo excited! 

Huge thanks to the talented Darlisa Riggs for her graphic arts contribution!


 Tune into the Getting Loopy Podcast with Mary Beth Temple, our beloved Josh McKiernan (who knows what antics he’ll help provide on the show) and myself Laurie Wheeler as we award the crochet public’s favorites for design, patterns, books, hooks, yarn and more! Don’t miss out, and you’ll find out who I’ve awarded the Fearless Leader Award and who won the Flaming Hook of Justice award!!

So don’t forget, TONIGHT at 9-11 Eastern/6-9pm Pacific the 2010 Crochet Awards are LIVE on Getting Loopy!!

Huge thanks to Darlisa Riggs of Crochet Uncut for her most beautiful 3-D design work on the Flamie Award this year! It’s gorgeous!

2 responses to “2nd Annual Crochet Awards Tonight!!

  1. What an amazing design! And thanks so much Laurie for all you do to put this event on. Has to be lots of work.

    • Thanks Jim,

      It is a lot, and that’s why I’m recruiting for a nominating committee! And folks to help me get contact information, so that we can do a better job of informing people when they are nominated etc.

      It’s so much fun to do this! And isn’t Darlisa talented? She amazes me with her creative talents!!

      As much as you amaze me with those wonderfully crafted hooks!

      Congratulations Jimbo!

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