Hookalicious! Reepicheep the mouse

Reepicheep the mouse

Originally uploaded by planetjune

After a brief break from our Hookalicious, Set My Picot Free, and Kitschalicious awards I feel it’s time they resume!

CLF member Planetjune made this WONDERFUL amigurumi of my personal favorite Narnia character of all time! Reepicheep!

Not only is this my favorite character from the books, this rendition is marvelous, I can picture him sword fighting, and talking smack to the big back uglies!

Well done Planetjune, this is a marvelous piece that is wonderfully made, and designed!


4 responses to “Hookalicious! Reepicheep the mouse

  1. I LOVE Reepicheep the mouse!!!The detail is amazing!!! and the waterlilies are a nice addition. He is absolutely wonderful!!

  2. Thank you so much for giving my Reepicheep the Hookalicious award! This project was a lot of work but I’m so happy with how he turned out – it all looks exactly like it did in my head when I first imagined it (and that rarely happens!) 🙂

  3. Amy (aka GreenWoman)

    Major cute! Right down to his paddle and the water lily. I love the Narnia books.

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