Minuet a beautiful summer project!

CLF Member Vashtirama (aka Vashti Braha) does it again with this gorgeous design! Now, granted there’s no pattern yet, because as per her ravelry.com page, Vashti  was experimenting and fell in love with the stitch pattern. The resulting garment is GORGEOUS. I can’t wait to see what else happens from this “experiement”!

She offers us several views of said garment


I think this is just beautiful and inventive!  I could see this piece working out gorgeously in a linen (I see you weren’t happy with the yarn you used for this project Vashti, oh yes I did indeed read your project notes, linen might work out great though!)

Vashti I duly award thee my Hookalicious award for beautiful and inventive crochet! Great summer inspiration!


3 responses to “Minuet a beautiful summer project!

  1. Thank you so much Laurie, more than you know! Last night just before bed I was feeling down–a combination of worrying about the Gulf oil spill where I live, and because my crochet website is taking forever for me to launch. I plug away at it every day and it gets to me sometimes (it IS close to ready now though). I thought, well I might as well check my email one more time, and to my delight I saw the Hookalicious Award! I must get better photos of Minuet to you.
    You and the CLF make a big difference in many ways for crocheters!

  2. You are so welcome my dear! I’ve been sending waves of positive thoughts to all those on the Gulf Coast who are or will be affected by the oil spill (spill is an inadequate word in my opinion)…and I’m so glad it uplifted you!

    And YES I want more pictures! And, I have no doubt that when that site is up, it will be awesome!

  3. Very cool thus far…it makes me wonder how many crafters have dress forms tho. I want one~!

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