Crochet: Life of the Partay…

My friend always hosts the 4th of July party at her house, and this year we had quite a mix of folks. Several gentlemen who were former coworkers of her husband came to the party, and we milled about eating yummy kabobs and sampling wines. I crocheted a good part of the time, ball of yarn in bag, hook in hand, mystifying the kids running around that I could indeed, walk, talk and crochet.

I was talking to one of my friend’s long time friends I see on holidays, and asking him some questions about computer programming, when one of the gentlemen I hadn’t met, asked, “What do you do? Are you a programmer?”

I laughed, and Mike laughed, and he said, “Hell no, she’s a professional hooker.” (He was then pointing at my crochet)…

The look on the other fellow’s face was…well, damn it was priceless. “A programming hooker… what every man wants!” he exclaimed.

And they say crochet and crocheters are boring…Hah!


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