I was reading an interview Katie Couric did with several of the scions of the feminist movement, and something Ms. Couric said really stayed with me, “It seems that women are more interested in being viewed as “hot” versus

So, let’s speak about this as crocheters, sorry dudes I know 5% of the CLF are guys, and I don’t ignore you really, but this is a great place to discuss the topic, and it affects you too.

It is my humble (or not so humble) opinion, that as long as traditional feminine tasks, occupations, and roles are viewed as inferior to that of traditional male tasks, occupations and roles, that being “hot” will be the standard many women choose to fly over “accomplished.”

After all, look at our own dear realm of fiber arts. For the past 200 years fiber arts and needle work have been primarily the pervue of women, before the industrial revolution these traditional arts and crafts were done by “master crafts MEN”. Once the job became relegated to feminine turf, the value decreased, the status decreased and the PAY decreased.

For all we, women are now “allowed” access to the hallowed halls of the ‘boy club’, what we haven’t done for ourselves is truly value that which is FEMININE, the urge to make, create, to organize, to nurture. We’re drawn to those kinds of professions, we’re drawn to that line of work, and yet, it consistently offers us less in the way of pay, retirement, and yes, accomplishment.

I think this is a sad state in which  to find ourselves, because until we view what we traditionally do as females something worth claiming as an accomplishment, I fear we shall never really be equal.

Liberation means the act of freeing ones self. You can free your mind from it’s mental chains in so many ways. Let us start in our own little corner of the world by not apologizing for our love of traditional feminine handcrafts. Let us proudly announce that what we do is something of value and requires specialized skills, just like carpentry or plumbing.

It’s not about being one of the guys, it’s not about being one of the girls, it’s about being equal as humans, and that means getting respect for who we are, not what we do. That’s an old game, let’s change it up.


2 responses to “Accomplishment

  1. “We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.” — Gloria Steinem

  2. Amy (aka GreenWoman)

    Agree 100%. I saw a sign once that said, “Feminism is the radical idea that women are people.”

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