Happy Third Birthday CLF!

July 27 the Crochet Liberation Front turned three years old!

I can hardly believe it! First of all the past three years have flown by and secondly it really did start out as a joke.

I don’t want us to rest on our laurels by far, but I do want to list some of them.

  • Some yarn companies are making changes to their labels to reflect crochet hook sizes and gauge.
  • Our annual crochet awards, The Flamies, have garned crochet a huge amount of attention and given our designers real boosts in their professional standings!
  • I have noticed a distinct change in the yarn store mentality both on line and off line regarding crochet and crocheters. More people are asking what they can do for crochet enthusiasts now! Well done guys!
  • There is more available in the way of patterns online, though I find the magazines are still hit and miss on their art direction and delivery.
  • Our book made real waves and though it hasn’t make the NY Times best seller list, I think it did give a wake up call to the big publishers because I’m seeing more offerings in line what we are asking for trickling through the bookshelves and on Amazon. (Keep buying the ones we want guys! They will publish more if we do!”
  • Many who joined the CLF are amateurs (those who do something because they love it!) have turned pro and have launched successful careers.
  • Many who joined the CLF who felt alone, now have made good friends.
  • Many who joined the CLF who felt their talents were nothing more than just “something” they did, now know what they do requires skill and effort, and IS something to be valued.

I think those last three points are the most important. If we don’t see ourselves as loved, or worth while or what we do as valuable, none of the rest of it makes one bit of difference.

   Where to go from here?

Well, I need you all to sign up for the retreat! Go to the CLF website and sign up for the Crochet @ Cama Retreat. My Local Yarn Store is even hosting our yarn tasting! Come on you know you want to! If you need room mates let me know, we’ll try to get something set up on the message board on Ravelry.com for that.

Also, we need to keep pushing stores, magazines, and yarn companies to deliver. If you haven’t noticed we have not suceeded in all of our aims and goals just yet. Let’s be a bit like the Spice Girls and “Tell ’em what you want, what you really really want!”

Support the administrative efforts of the CLF if you can by purchasing our fabulous Crochet Propoganda from our Zazzle store, or our book.

Lastly, keep crocheting, at home, in public, meet up with friends, teach your kids and relatives and friends, spread the joy of the hook whereever you go. 

Thank you so much for such a fabulous three years! May we enjoy many more!!


3 responses to “Happy Third Birthday CLF!

  1. Wow! Congratulations on 3 years!! I’ve noticed the change in the local yarn stores too .. it’s fantastic! Thanks to the CLF I found that you *can* make crochet socks .. and they’re sooo nice and squishy in my shoes! Thanks for starting this, Fearless Leader 🙂 .. and thanks for keeping it going!

  2. Thank you! If it weren’t for members like you, the CLF would still be an inside joke ;D Hook on! Live Long!

  3. Amy (aka GreenWoman)

    Congratulations on all the successes! I can’t wait for the retreat. We passed the I-5 exit for Camano Island the other day on our way back from Canada, and I so wanted to turn off!

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