Book Review: Crochet Adorned

 A few weeks ago I was delighted to find a review copy of Crochet Adorned in my mailbox. Linda Permann’s wonderful book dedicated to quick and easy projects designed to truly adorn your garments, snazz up your wardrobe, or make quick gifts for family and friends is a joy to read.

Have a blouse that you love, but it’s seen better days? Give it a trim, or do some inset lace into the sleeves! Do you have some cute canvas shoes? Add an edging! Earrings and belts, lace trims and solid borders fill this book with fabulously fashionable ways to upgrade your existing wardrobe!

In today’s economy we need more books like this! In today’s ecology we need more books like this! Learning to refresh rather than to throw out, learning to spruce up instead of spend, brings back some of the good aspects of the old days.

The photography in the book is excellent as are the instructions. I did a test on my daughter and her best friend, and both of them (very picky people too, and very into what’s hot and what’s not) gave the book a thumb’s up! In fact, my daughter and I are going to be applying some of the ideas and techniques to some of her oldie but goody clothes to spruce them up for the new school year!

The stitch dictionary at the end of the book is worth having all on its own, great instructions and again very well photographed! It’s both artful and clear, yay for being able to see the stitches.

I give this a five out of five flaming hook review! You can buy it at your local bookstore or find it on

Also, just a reminder that time is running out on the Early Bird Retreat Special! Go to the CLF Website to register for Crochet @ Cama for only $75! Great classes and workshops, activities and fun!


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