Good Bye Summer!

Here in the North West Washington State we are saying a sad good-bye to Summer. The skies opened up, and that cold North wind is a blowin’ something good. It appears Fall has arrived without RSVPing first.

I suppose it’s all good, with my daughter going to the high school starting on Thursday, and my son attending the home school parent/school partnership program next week, my life too has had a change of season. It was bound to happen, kids grow up, and I was going to have to figure out what to do with myself eventually. That’s one of the reasons I ran with the whole CLF idea.

Getting ready for the retreat is my focus at the current moment, that and a new venture that isn’t really crochet related at all.

If you were watching the facebook page or the twitter feed, you may have noticed that I was back to my old haunt of teaching personal growth classes. I’ve taught them off and on for about 18 years, all over the globe. I took a wee break from that to raise the kidlets, and now it seems my true calling is ringing that old doorbell.  My latest class/workshop is Beyond Intention: Walking in Trust. Basically a forum to identify resistance in your life (fear, anger, anxiety, reactivity) and strategies to work with the ebb and flow of life. In essence, how to be “fearless”, which as you know well, I’m not fearless, but I move past my fears. At first I thought, who the heck am I to teach a class like this? I’m so full of resistances! But, since that is the case, and I am constantly having to get out of my own way to function and thrive in the world, maybe that helps. I can teach it, because I am not perfect, it’s not natural to me, and therefore I had to find language for myself as well as others to describe it.

By the way, the workshop in Oregon was great! And my musings were well met, and as I say in the class, “I have no answers for you, I’m just really good at asking questions!”

So with that in mind, I’m back to work on the retreat, and I have a confirmation from the massage therapists that yes they would like to come play with us, if only for a day or two (depending on work schedules!). So crochet and massage is a huge possibility! YAY! We’re finalizing the details for the yarn party on Monday which will take place at lunch. My bad on saying the yarn tasting was Monday night, it’s not…It’s on Sunday night. Our dear Andee Graves (Mamastwohands) will be speaking about Crochet & Ergonomics on Monday night! Sorry Andee!

If you are from the NW and can just make a day of the retreat, I will have day passes available. They cost $30. They can be purchased at Pinch Knitter Yarns in Stanwood, or contact me personally via email.

We still have room for about 8-10 more people. And the early bird special ends soon!! You can share cabins with your friends, and your friends don’t have to do the retreat! It’s really affordable when you split the cost up! The cabins are warm and cozy and we’re going to have so much fun! Don’t think you won’t learn anything in the activities, it’s all designed to open up creativity and teach new skills! Trust me, we’re going to have a blast!

So please don’t miss out on coming to our retreat!! Register today!


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