Post Retreat and here come the holidays!

Well, I was a little wiped out after the retreat. I had intended to finish up my work on the CLF Website, and send off emails, and blog, but those intentions got lost in a puddle of drool last week. I’m now up and running and drool free, and ready to catch up on my errant holiday crocheting!

As we enter into the frenetic and often budget tight holiday season, I hope to post a variet of quick and easy projects that I spy on the “inter-web” as well as offering you a place to send your significant other or family members to see what you might want in the way of gifts!!

Today’s pick: These adorable Cat and Puppy Stockings! By Maggie Weldon, you can purchase her pattern via the link

For the cat and dog lovers out there, and for those with grand-cats and grand-dogs I think these are too cute, and our furry friends will appreciate them if filled with yummy treaty goodness!

Stay tuned for more holiday crochet ideas, right here! Oh and just in case you haven’t got your copy of the CLF First Ever Book, remember you can now buy it as a pdf download as well as a hard copy from the CLF Website!


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