A funny thing happened on the way to the blog…

I know this poor little blog ha s been silent…not because I wanted it to be so, I just had some technical difficulties this week which prevented my blogging anything or any of the fun thoughts that can to my consciousness this week! You see it all started on Monday and ended at last fatefully today with a brand new power cord arriving for my lap top.ย  I have crochet to blame for the mishap that led to the untimely demise of the power cord, which haplessly found itself partially hanging out of my car door and is why half of it disappeared heaven knows where in Stanwood. I was hoping it would be somewhere close to where I was parked, but no it was not. So, I used the very last ounce of battery juice my poor laptop possessed to find a new cord for it…That was Tuesday. Saturday the cord arrived and YAY I can now use the computer again. Oh, how can I blame my crocheting on this? Well, you see I was so focused on a project I was working on, that I was contemplating the design elements that I ignored the kerplunk against the side of my car, shrugging it off to be my seatbelt instead of LOOKING at what made the sound…/bang head desk… So, it’s my love of hooking that yet again gets me into the spot of bother…

But what a project! I just finished a stocking with pockets on the outside (need to sew on buttons and a handle) which will be a gift bag for a special little girl ๐Ÿ˜€ Making a snowman now too, and since I had no computer to work on, I have actually crocheted even more…finished up a set of doll clothes and accessories, a blanket, and started a fillet blankie for a neice…I’ll be making wrist warmers, the snowman gift bag, and a few felted hats as well…plus one more blanket, I think I can get all of that done in the next week…I hope. Yes, I’m crocheting at top speed…It’s the holidays don’t you know.

I really envy people who can be all inspired in July and get their crafting done, I’m just not cut of that cloth! (Plus I’m so dang busy in the summer I hardly hook much!)…But fall weather beckons me to crack open the stash and hooks and create holiday themed wonders that amaze the grownups and kids alike in my family and it’s well…it’s fun…I don’t feel stressed about it, it’s like being in a race; a race against time that only me, and my trust hooks can win. Corny I know, but seriously I love creating things this time of year, and yes, every year I tell myself I’ll start earlier, and I’ll be more prepared…and every year I fail on an epic level with that little lie…I know I won’t start early, and if I do, I’ll just put the stuff in some tote box that I forget about and find after the holidays anyway…and then I’ll swear to myself that I’ll have it for next year…and forget again. (Those items make great last minute gifts though! I found the box from a few years ago…)


3 responses to “A funny thing happened on the way to the blog…

  1. Fearless Leader you just amaze me with the amount of projects you can get finished in such a short amount of time. You must write a post about time management for those of us who are lacking in this discipline, especially at this time of year! It seems I am always furiously stitching late into the night on Christmas Eve trying to get my yarny gift finished in time. Keep up the great work. I love your blog and the CLF!

    • LoL..I’ll still be stitching away after xmas! Depends on the deadlines…Here’s the secret..shsg don’t tell… Hubby does a lot of dishes this time of year ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sounds like something I would do….the cord I mean. Except my laptop is so big, I dont take it out of the house. But with my Smartphone, I dont need to. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I got started on Christmas a LITTLE earlier…September. I should be done in plenty of time. I didnt make things too complicated this year. Some afghans, hooded cowls, kitchen sets and a couple easy sweaters and slippers. After the holidays, however, I am going to become a selfish Sandy and start making a few things for myself….and hopefully start an Etsy store. People have been bugging me to start selling and I sure could use the money…ANY money. ๐Ÿ˜€

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