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Crochet In Chains…The Second Book

Ok, so I have the fourth pattern formatted, I’ve sent out three of the four for editing, and am going to send out the fourth in just a few minutes.

One of the things that will be different about this CLF book, will once again be the articles. Since this is our “adult” book, I’m taking the opportunity to use the book as a vehicle to discuss some “touchy” subjects, that are often swept under the carpet or seen as taboos.

Again, this book is fully intended for adults, and there are subjects that adults should be able to discuss in a rational manner.

What will the articles be about?

Body Image
Reproductive Health and Safety

Of course these will all be handled with the same humor and respect that all subjects are dealt with by the CLF.

I put this information out to you now, just so you know there may be an article or two that might make some uncomfortable, but I think more people will find that the articles are mature and thought provoking.

I don’t believe you can truly separate any issue into a little box. The patterns are fabulous on their own, but their intent is to be sexy and fun in the bedroom, you just can’t leave sex out of the equation in this… So why not talk about it?

As with all things CLF I stand by the axiom; “We are people first, people who crochet!”

Vicotoria’s Secret is totally HOOKALICIOUS!

Every Sunday my family goes over to my cousin’s house to have dinner and play games. My cousin loves fashion, she’s a clothes horse extra-ordinaire! So, she has a mega collection of magazines, and catalogs. One of those being the Victoria’s Secret Catalog, which she couldn’t wait to show me!

The latest catalog has the CUTEST little crocheted bikini/skirtlet out fit..but even better? They highlighted the very WORD crochet in a positive and cool manner at the top of the page! WHOOT!!!

So, curious I went to their website to see what else they had for crochet and wow! I see that we’re not so far off in doing our Adult themed book…Look how sexy crochet can be


Adult themed book? Have you forgotten my friends? The latest crochet bit of wonder is being created at this very moment. Patterns, and articles, fun and precoscious and yes, very sexy: Crochet In Chains: The CLF All Growed Up will be out in a few months. No publication date as of yet, because I’m taking my time and not stressing on the book! LOL…I have enough non-crochet related stress at the moment.

I can’t tell you what’s in the book, but I can say the CLF minions have pulled all the stops for this one! It’s walking the exact line I wanted, tasteful and sexy…A tease more than a peep show, fun, and frolic along side serious sensuality! It’s every bit as sexy as we are!

Awards, Books, Action…

Hello Minions!

Ok a few reminders here, I’ve had some fabulous submissions for our second book, which will smaller than the first book, which will keep costs down for folks 🙂 I still need a few more designs…so PLEASE get up the courage and submit a design. Right now, I’m designing a cute little “nightie”…I could use something for the guys though 🙂

I haven’t really been able to think of something crocheted and sexy for a dude…Maybe you can 😉 LOL…Pitch me an idea…I’m willing to extend the deadline for another week or so if you need time. Remember, currently submissions are due on Feb 20th…I’m not in a rush, so if we need to push it Feb 27th, fine 😉 Go to the CLF Website and check out the writers guidelines! Thank you!

Next, our awards, folks if you are a member of our group on, go and make your freaking nominations already.

To be honest I’m a little cranky… People, ok I started this group as a joke, but then I made it a real deal, I’ve risked my time, money and energy on this group, and we’re for action.

I’m not the only person who needs to act though… It doesn’t take much time or energy to down load a letter of action, or to draft one yourself to shoot off to businesses, and organziations!

If we are going to put our “money” where our mouths are, we need to do more than complain, we need to act! Otherwise we’re what they say we are…a bunch of whiners…And folks, I do not whine…I abhor whining…

So, pony up, get active…do something…stand up straight and tall (and if you are annoyed at this because you are active, then DUH this message has nothing to do with you)…

To those who do act, YAY…We need more folks too!

Crochet Awards 2009

We were going to call these the 2008 Crochet Awards, but it’s 2009, so I’m thinking we’ll do like the Oscars!

Currently, dedicated CLF minions are working with me to create criteria, and a format for nominations and voting to get the first ever CLF awards up and running…We hope to have everything nominated, voted on and ready to roll by March 15! Beware the Eides of March I tell you!

Why that date? It amused me, AND March is the (Inter) National Crochet Month!

While we’re on that subject, it’s less than a month away, what are you doing for National Crochet Month?

Blog about, play with us on Ravelry, we certainly plan to have another rockin’ Natcromo Party like last year, make your crochet public, start a group, donate to a worthy charity, better yet teach a friend or two to crochet!

Get schemeing minions! We’ve got our reps to uphold !!

What’s Up at the CLF!!??

Here’s what’s up 🙂

First of all we are busily planning the our First Annual Crochet Awards, possibly to be held in March, but we’re still in the whole planning committee stage and working on exact details, you know little things like where it will be, and how are we going to accomplish this! We have some fairly good ideas, but just so you know we’re working on it, you’ll be the first to know when we have all the details set!

Secondly, a reminder to potential contributors to the CLF second book…I start accepting
submissions January 14th until Feb 20th of 2009. You can get the writers guidelines HERE.

We’re looking at a possibility of several titles, I have a working title set, but don’t like it much, and I think I’ll do a poll or something to decide on the official title. Oddly enough I just can’t think of everything, amazing isn’t it…and you thought I could…oh you didn’t…PHEW…

Thirdly…is there a thirdly? Um…Sure. Thirdly I’m working on putting all of the CLF survey data together, and will make it available for all and sundry….especially the sundry.

Hookalicious Christmas Trees!

Originally uploaded by vegancraftastic

CLF Member Kala designed these cute little trees! I thought these were adorable…and yeah I have to say at first it was the little penguin that caught my eye…I have a thing for penguins (and gnomes as you well know)….but these trees are really cute, and more realistic looking that the usual crocheted ruffly X-mas fare….

Kala you are duly awarded the CLF Hookalicious award for these great trees!

The pattern is a free download available on

Dorky Leader

You know some days I wonder at my level of sanity and then I remember that I never have claimed to be a sane leader, just fearless…

I have been beating my head against a table to try to figure out how we can make the CLF First Ever Book more affordable for members.

DUH… I can do it the same way I am for wholesaling 🙂 LOL…. I know, some days I am a little slow…some weeks I’m down right like molasses… so here’s how you can get your copy for LESS than on Amazon! I can only take US orders though…so if you are wanting it and are not in the USA Please PLEASE use our International Distributor !!! (Thanks so much Gail)

So happy HOLIDAYS! The book is a total of $24.50 and that includes the price of shipping (US ORDERS ONLY!) Follow this link!