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Picot Freeing Skirt!


Originally uploaded by Yekaterina

CLF Member Liana made this fabulous skirt! It totally sets our picot free! Fun, sassy, and red hot!

The pattern is by Patricia Pepe.

Check out the project notes here on Ravelry!

Congratulations Liana! This is a fabulous, fun and fantastic skirt!

You are duly awarded the Crochet Liberation Front Set My Picot Free Award for outstanding crochet!

Set My Picot Free Award Winner!

So, I was doing a search for belly dancing costumes…and what do I find? she has tons of patterns she’s made, and they are so totally awesome.
I contacted her on and asked if I could use her images here because they are just too nifty. She wasn’t a CLF member at the time, though she might be now, and I’m not gonna check because just doesn’t matter…I’m awarding her the Set My Picot Free for some awesome crochet representin’!

Josephine Scarf Front
Originally uploaded by Selena K

Crochet Tag…You’re It!

Ok folks! Listen hard, listen up, listen loud. 🙂

I’m only one person here, and lately I’ve been saying a lot of things you’re agreeing with…so here’s the deal. Why not take our protest to the wider blog world…

Instead of a meme…Let’s do a round robin, or a simultaneous list of our favorite things about crochet?

So, do this for me, and pass it on in your message boards, and email lists.

If you have a blog, make a list of your 25 reasons you love crochet!

Do it anyway you want, 25 photos, or a list, I don’t care how you do it, but when you DO blog this, come back here and link your blog post so I can see your wonderful work!!!

Let’s show ’em folks! Let’s be proactive. Cause believe you me, we buzz enough & they’ll try to steal our ideas 😉 LOL

Crocheting Hats as fast as I can, PLUS More results…

Hey there!

Well, I’ve gone on a crochet hat binge. I decided I need a whole bunch of hats to wear in Portland. I can crochet up a basic hat in 45 mins, but these are taking up to three hours due to color changes. I’ve made a “Dutchboy”, and now working on a Beret, I made daughter a glow in the dark Skullcap. That took all of an hour, because I actually took a break. Am I getting wiser with age? Or more easily distracted? Shshshsh don’t answer that…

So, I’ve been keeping an eye on our Charts/Don’t Care poll, new results:

99 For having charts included in patterns
26 don’t care
1 really really hates charts

Hmmmm…Next question of those 99 how many buy Crochet World?

So, don’t forget to look for your crazy “Fearless Leader” in Portland, I’ll have my shadow and gorgeous 15 yr old daughter with me. She’s in it for the yarn and an obligatory trip to Powells Bookstore 😉

I’ll post pics of the hats soonish like 😉

4 o’clock in the morning RANT

Yes, it’s past bedtime. I’ve spent most of the night and early hours of this A.M. working on the
Second Book. Sadly not even bleary eyed at this point, I’m energized and have unclogged a bit of a creative block.

I like how I layed out the first book, but I don’t want all our books to look like clones lay out wise, and I want to retain the clarity (and improve it) of the space used. I was stuck on one particular pattern and how I wanted it to look and I licked it!

Part of what drove me so hard, was being niggled all night after listening to Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple. Her guest was the editor of Crochet World Magazine. Now, I don’t see this magazine often in my area, but I have bought it in the past.

I’m an equal opportunity crocheter, I like all kinds of patterns. I do not belong in the camp that believes crochet has to be all about fashion. I like fashion, and wearable crochet, but I also like hats, scarves and quick gift crochet, too. In fact I like kitsch, as the family of garden gnomes in my front yard can tell you, and my poor best friend has to put up with (though she’s bought me most of those gnomes!). So, it’s not the content I have a problem with, when I say the conversation on the show bothered me.

That niggle stayed with me all evening, I tried to pin point what really bugged me about it. And as I finished off the pattern that was attempting to thwart my layout efforts, I realized what was really bothering me.

It was the tone and tenor of the words, the inbetween the lines that I perceived as the editor explained what her “market” is and what they want. I’m rarely the demographic for most marketing efforts, but I am very much right on when it comes to crochet. (Kind of a relief not to be a complete oddball)

We, in the chatroom, asked if they were planning to add charts and/or schematics. Charts are especially useful when working with thread or lace making. and Crochet World often has thread projects.

The response was dismissive, and the pat answer of “Our market isn’t interested in this, none of our surveys indicated our readers want charts or schematics.” was given. My first thought was, did you ask on the survey if that’s what people wanted? It’s hard to indicate you want something if you don’t ask the question. I’ve never been polled by Crochet World, seen a poll by them or survey so I can’t say what was asked.

Why the all or nothing attitude? Why is it so hard to have a chart or two, or a schematic now and then? Why not offer a little more, why be satified with what has always been? We’ve lost some very fine crochet magazines over the past five or six years. I don’t think it’s necessarily because crocheters don’t buy magazines, I think it’s because the folks who run the magazines forget to evolve and keep a value added nature to their publications. Things change, markets change, and if you are good at what you do, you make your market.

I’m not saying replace written instructions with charts, or schematics, heck I like a mix of both. I don’t think all patterns require charts/schematics even. I do prefer my doilies and lace and fillet to have a chart versus just written instructions.

I don’t think I’m alone. I don’t think I’m cutting edge in this desire, I think I’m shooting straight down the middle.

So I ask you, what do you think?

If you have two magazines to choose from with equal pattern types, will you pick the one with only written instructions/photos, or the one with written instructions/photos/ and charts &/or shematics.

I’m asking the question on our ravelry message board, you can answer it there if you like 😉


I kind of feel like The Count from Sesame Street…Five days…ah ah ah…Four days..ah ah ah…FOUR DAYS until The Flamies! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH….

Not that I’m excited, but I’m excited! Don’t forget the only place you can hear the awards is on Mary Beth Temple’s Getting Loopy!

I have promised to be a good Fearless Leader…grin…Not too much trouble will I cause…In fact I’ll be SOOO good I’ll be outrageously good 🙂 GRIN….Now you guys know that requires effort on my part so I want you all to tune in so you can witness me, being good 🙂 GRIN…

I’m still gonna be silly though 🙂

Hook the Vote! 2009 Crochet Awards!

2009 Crochet Awards!
(The Flamies)
Sponsored by The Crochet Liberation Front

Welcome crochet enthusiasts to the first annual crochet awards, also known as the Flamies. Why Flamies? The Crochet Liberation Front has had an “award” on our message board on Ravelry that we call the “Flaming Crochet Hook of Justice” and so if we’re sponsoring an award; Flamie seemed most appropriate moniker.

We ask that you search your heart and mind (and the internet) to choose how you vote for each person/organization/item in each category. The nominations were held for one week via the Crochet Liberation Front HQ on, but that’s only 3091 voices! We invite all of our brother and sister crochet enthusiasts to vote for the BEST of what was crochet in 2008.
To cast your vote go to this link if you don’t know who or what you want to vote for skip that category! It only takes a few minutes, and allows us as a community to show the BEST of what crochet can give to the world.
Winners will receive a fantastic “trophy” for their website, and will be announced on Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple on March 16th so stay tuned!

To my lovely CLF Minions, thank you for all of your nominations of me personally in various categories but I respectfully decline due to my sponsoring the awards. I did allow the CLF Book to be counted in nominations though, because that reflects a collaborative work beyond my individual effort.

Doris Chan is very honored with her nomination for Life Time Achievement Award but has respectfully declined in order to have another veteran of our community come forward in that process. (Don’t worry she’s in the other categories)

Please go to the LINK provided to vote, feel free to do some web surfing to check out the nominees, I’ve provided links where possible to assist in your decision making process! Blog this up folks, we want as many folks voting as possible!

All nominees are listed in Alphabetical Order.

Categories and nominees are:

Best Crochet Magazine:
Crochet Today
Crochet World
Interweave Crochet

Best Instructional/Technical Crochet Book 2008 Only books published in 2008 qualified for nominations.

Beyond the Square, Edie Eckman
Blue Print Crochet, Robin Chachula
Creative Crochet Lace, Myra Wood
Harmony’s Guide: 101 Basic Stitches to Crochet, Erika Knight

Best Crochet Pattern Book 2008 Only books published in 2008 qualified for nominations.

Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book, edited Laurie Wheeler
Sensual Crochet: Luxurious Yarns, Alluring Designs, Amy Swenson
Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter, Robin Chachula
Crochet that Fits: Shaped Fashion without increases or decreases, Mary Jane Hall

Best Crochet Instructor 2008

Darla Fantan
Dee Stanziano
Myra Wood
Robin Chachula

Best Crochet Blog 2008 (Five nominees due to a tie in the process)

Crochet by Faye
Crocheting With Dee
Everyday Crochet
Go Crochet
The Crochet Dude

Best Crochet Designer for Women’s Fashions 2008 (With six nominees due to ties) Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision.

Doris Chan (RavelryID DorisJChan)
Julia Vacosin (Ravelry ID Jujustrickt)
Kristin Omdahl (RavleryID kristinomdahl)
Lily Chin (No Ravelry ID Available, but see her designs under patterns in the Ravelry Search)
Margaret Hubert ( RavelryID MHDesigner1)
Robin Chachula (RavelryID CrochetbyFaye)

Best Crochet Designer (Accessories: Hats, Scarves, Jewelry, Socks etc) 2008 (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Danielle Krasner (Ravelry ID Laracroft)
Ellen Gormley (RavelryID GoCrochet)
Kim Guzman (RavelryID CrochetKim)
Lisa Naskrent (RavelryID Crochetgarden)

Best Crochet Designer (men’s wear) 2008 (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Drew Emborsky (RavelryID thecrochetdude)
Kim Guzman (RavelryID Crochet Kim)
Peter Franzi (RavelryID Hookerbear)
Robin Chachula (RavelryID CrochetbyFaye)

Best Crochet Designer (for children, children’s wear, accessories, toys) (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Annastasia Cruz (Ravelry ID annastasia76)
Candi Jensen (Ravelry ID Candijensen)
Lisa Naskrent RavelryID Crochetgarden)
Mia Zamora Johnson (Ravelry ID Mia)

Best Designer for Thread Projects(Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Ferosa Harold (Ravelry ID Ferosah)
Kathryn White (Ravelry ID Katchcan)
Patricia Kristofferse n (No Ravelry ID available but her designs can be found in the pattern search on Ravelry)
Tatyana Miller (No Ravelry ID available but her designs can be found in the pattern search on Ravelry)

Best Free Form Designer

Jenny Dowde (Ravelry ID JenOz)
Margaret Hubert (Ravelry ID MHDesigner1)
Prudence Mapstone ( Ravelry ID prudencem)
Myrawood (Ravelry ID myrawood)

Best New Designer (in any crochet related media)

Julia Vaconsin (Ravelry ID Jujustrickt)
Marlaina Bird (Ravelry ID Yarnthing)
Tracie Barrett ( Ravelry ID traciecrochets)
Yavanna Coulter (RavelryID Datenshi)

Individual Life Time Achievement Award

Candi Jensen (RavelryID Candijensen)
Carol Ventura (Ravelry ID Tapestrycrochet)
Gwen Blakely Kinser (RavelryID Crochetkween)
Margaret Hubert (Ravelry ID MHDesigner1)

Best Crochet Designer (Home Decor: afghans, pillows, rugs, etc.) ) (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Bendy Carter (Ravelry ID bendy)
Ellen Gormley (Ravelry ID Gocrochet)
Karen Ratto Whooley (RavelryID krwknitwear)
Regina Rioux Gonzalez (RavelryID ladylinoleum)

Best Crochet Design for Adults (men’s and women’s fashion, plus accessories) (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Crocus Bud Crochet Shawl, by Sharlene Boyce
Dragon fly Shawl by Lisa Naskrent (Ravelry ID crochetgarden)
Northern Dreams Pull Over by Julia Vaconsin (Ravelry ID jujustrickt)
Veritas, Equitas by Danielle Krasner (Ravelry ID Laracroft)

Best Design Home Décor
Jelly Fish by Gina Rioux Gonzalez (Ravelry ID Ladylinoleum)
Pieces of My Heart Pillow by Mellisa Mall (RavelryID Melissa)
Shades of Denim Afghan by Ken Jones (RavelryID crochetguy)
Sunburst Bowl by Carol Ventura (ravelry ID Tapestrycrochet)

Best Online Crochet Magazine 2008

Crochet Insider
Crochet Uncut

Best Crochet Podcast
Getting Loopy
Yarn Thing
The Crochet Side by Brianna Mewborn (

Best Crochet Hooks (handcrafted made by individuals and available for sale or by auction)
Brains Barn
Gray Dog (available only on Ebay)
Ernst Glassworks
Jimbo’s Hooks

Most Crochet Friendly Yarn Company
Caron International
Lion Brand
Tahki Stacey Charles
Mission Falls

Again the link to VOTE is