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CLF First Ever Book on hold for a little bit…

Well, I’ve made some corrections to the CLF First Ever Book…so as I was going to do the third upload during the week before Christmas, and um…well…cough…got snowed in! Now I shall do it, so for those of you who have been waiting to purchase the book with all it’s corrected glory, you can do so in the next few days! Probably by Monday, if not sooner 🙂

Thanks for your support in this very first endeavor. I am so looking to the next two books to use all of my new found knowledge and skills, and man it’s gonna be great!

So, stay tuned, I’ll let you know when the CLF First Ever Book is up and for sale once again 🙂

Hooks Raised, CLF Salute!

Giving it away…

I know ’tis the season of giving, but I want to have a chat with you about this…Yes, you…Because this isn’t about making gifts etc, this is really about how so often we just “give it away.”

Women tend to be the worst about giving “it” away, whether “it” is their time, talents, patience, caring…After look at all the somewhat traditionally female job roles those that involve creative nurturing (nursing, teaching, seamstress work, childcare, elder care) almost all of these kinds of jobs are low paid, certainly lower paid than the traditionally male job roles.

So, let’s look at our making things and designing things…I have been to so many bazaars where crocheters have made BEAUTIFUL things and had them priced at dime store discount prices, often the price didn’t even cover their materials, let alone their time. And the plethora of free patterns on the web, I’m not talking about the simple scarf, or the basic hat, I’m talking about dresses, and skirts, and large table cloths, and baby sets with intricate color work or stitch patterns….Why are these free patterns?

My friends when you sell below the value, you cheapen it for everyone, especially yourself. In fact you are sending the message, “It doesn’t matter to me, it’s just something I do, why should I get paid?” It is NOT greedy to want compensation, everyone deserves compensation. It is greedy to charge a billion dollars for a pattern, but it’s not greedy to charge $7, why? Because the base cost of printing, then mailing, not to mention the design time, graphing, charting, frogging, testing, and marketing….Giving all of that away? For why? For what reason? You are not a bad person for wanting to make something in return for your talents and time…

Why? Because it does matter, you matter, I matter, the designers matter, the yarn companies matter, the publishers matter, we’re all in this mess together, and if we get into this get it cheap or free mode, we do what we fear most, hit rock bottom financially.

This whole drive to be known, or published and get out there for FREE is driving down the economics for all of us. In fact, here’s a grand REAL LIFE example.

Right now Time Magazine is soliciting photographs from people on Flicker and stating that they can’t pay the photographers for their photos that they want to use in their Year End issue….Excuse me? Time/Warner can’t afford to pay for photos? Give me a break, of course they can, but some people will fall for it and submit just so they can be in Time Magazine…They are just get credit and retention of their copyright…Hell I did better than that giving contributors copies of the book they submitted to and I’m doing this out of my personal bank account, I have not been listed as one of the 50 biggest companies in the W H O L E F R E A K I N world. (For more on this subject check out Bec Thomas’s Blog .)

Ok, so how does photography fit into what I am saying for we who crochet? Because it’s the same dang difference. Folks if we all work together to support each other at a fair level of compensation, not Oil Company CEO style, but more like Farmer’s Market style, then we’re ALL better off…Cause here’s the real deal, we’ll lose the great designers who do sell their patterns, if people choose to go the freebee route and not purchase the patterns…And if you do make great patterns charge SOMETHING for them, anything is better than free…

And for those of you who make items for sale, charge something that gives you a profit! And if you make gifts for people don’t give them to people who are snarky about it, just make things for people who appreciate the gifts!

Why? Self Esteem people…What we do is a SKILL, do you here me!???? A skill is something that takes time, practice and talent to achieve, it’s not just something you’re born with, and that skill has value….

As long as we give it away, who’s going to value it?

Hookalicious Christmas Trees!

Originally uploaded by vegancraftastic

CLF Member Kala designed these cute little trees! I thought these were adorable…and yeah I have to say at first it was the little penguin that caught my eye…I have a thing for penguins (and gnomes as you well know)….but these trees are really cute, and more realistic looking that the usual crocheted ruffly X-mas fare….

Kala you are duly awarded the CLF Hookalicious award for these great trees!

The pattern is a free download available on

Back from Vacation and to work….egads…

Hey there folks…

Ok, I’m still sick, but finally recovering. Had a great vacation, I even got to crochet! WHOOT! And as I wait for the PDF to finish distilling I will be uploading the revised book, with all the necessary changes. Hopefully tomorrow AM our beloved Technogoddess will upload the new version of the book cover…which should me a better thumbnail on….YAY…

Some of the very nifty changes that we made since we were redoing things anyway was to include page numbers…They would have been in the first version but unfortunately my computer was not cooperating, and I was stressed and tired and opted to live without it versus killing my laptop.

In a more relaxed frame of mine I have included these things so that they actually show on each page (long story), and now have a table of contents that reflect the page numbers (time consuming by worth it)…Also, Carol Ventura granted permission to flip the skull chart for the Tapestry Crochet UFO Bag so that lefties don’t have to flip the chart in a mirror! YAY…I’ll try to get that posted on the errata page tonight for you wonderful lefties who already purchased the book!

So hopefully in a day or so I can approve the book to be a go again, and we’ll be on our way to Crochet History!

More about the book!

Origami Socks by Deborah Berger!

WOW…aren’t these nifty! This pattern has full schematics and great instructions! It’s in the book!!

Ok folks, if you didn’t know that there is a reading of the book on our home page at, well now you do! I’ll try to get more up for your listening pleasure as we go along…

CLF Fingerless Glove by Elisa Cleveland Me likey 🙂

#17 and rising!!!

Wow! I just checked where the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book stood on’s list of Crochet Books! We come up #17 in the search! WOWOWOWOWOWOWEEE!

That’s beyond cool guys! The more books we sell, the more we can do in the future…I’m hoping the Christmas season influences our “market” a little so that I have money in the bank when we finally get to the place for submissions with book #2 that I can pay for patterns…We’re getting there!

Did you notice the ticker? The $880 is what I need to reimburse my grocery money for contributor copies of the book 😉 After that we get to start the ticker towards 10,000 books! If we get to 10,000 copies I will write a gift check to each person who contributed!

Like I have said repeatedly I will not be satisfied if I am the only one who benefits, it must benefit as many as possible!

Le GRAND sigh…

Ok folks…The thumb nail of our bookcover looks really bad on Amazon/Createspace…That’s something they did to dork it up…I’m currently having at them for it, cause it does NOT print that way…I have no idea why the layers went all boobly but they did…THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE at all…

The book prints out BEAUTIFULLY I must say, and well they are gunna have to give me a better answer than “You need to resubmit your cover art and wait 15 days, and order another proof”…I mean honestly, they should be able to use ANY jpeg… I’ve converted the pdf into a jpg on my little computer which isn’t anything like they would have with ZERO issues…so ahem…Anyway…that said the PROPER small thumbnail of the book is now on our blog with a convienient link to the store….