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Jelly Yarn…yum!

Yeah, yeah, I know year’s retrospective…it’s coming I promise! In the mean time may I please be allowed to amuse you with my most recent obsession?

Jelly Yarn. Yes, you heard me, Jelly Yarn.  Yes, it is my new obsession. It just arrived today. Talk about blow my mind!

First of all I wouldn’t have figured it to be as supple as it is, and yet, it is very supple. Using lotion or lip balm on your hook makes it really glide, but I found I had to be a little careful with how much I put on my hook, otherwise it became a little too slippery for me to work with.

So here’s the first of my experiments with ye olde Jelly Yarn!

Still working with it to figure out it's full possiblities!
Made from “Vanilla” Jelly Yarn, it glows in the dark!

So, I’m working making it “block”…not that I really tried blocking it this morning, I basically got the yarn out of the box, picked up a hook, put some Bert’s Bees Lipbalm on it, and away I crocheted. I am liking it so far!

My next crochet attempt was with a crocheted rose, single petal at the moment, since I had to actually get some work done today, but I will more than likely at least edge it with the pink glow in the dark Jelly I have too…and the rose shall be part of a funkified belt I’m designing for my daughter 🙂
A funky rose for a funky belt.

It’s time to pony up!

Candi Jensen, Executive Producer of Knit and Crochet Today asked me if the CLF would help her generate awareness about the need for funds to produce Season 3 of the show! (To air on PBS starting Jan. ’10).

Before I tell you all that a $5 donation could actually help save her show, I want you to know a little bit behind the production of the highest rated tv show of it’s kind!

Candi is a one woman operation. She fell into being the Executive Producer of the show, had to learn how and what to do as a producer and owner of a production company. She’s a designer by trade, and has many patterns, books and articles floating out there. But imagine being thrown into that awesome path, having to learn on the fly and THEN losing the sponsor and having to find the money to keep the EMMY NOMINATED and HIGHEST RATED TV Show on the air!

WOW! Daunting! I so resonate with Candi, and over the past few months have had the absolute pleasure of helping her with ideas for fundraising, and gotten to know that she really is as nice as she looks in her pictures in the magazines! (I’ve admired her and her talent for YEARS…yes, I have stars in my eyes)…When I found out she was a one woman operation I had to help, even if she named her show incorrectly. I mean we all know it SHOULD say Crochet and Knit Today, but really there’s trademarks and copywriting in the way now, so I’ll stop bugging her about it.

I’m a one woman show too, and thank heavens I have so many willing helpers in the CLF to get things moving and running! That’s why I offered to get the word out! So, here’s the deal, the link to the donation page is  

You can help by donating, or blogging about this fabulous TV Show. I have the shows on DVD and I love them. I have even learned a thing or three from them. (And shshshs don’t tell anyone, I was even tempted to pick up the sticks!)

Please help the show out! There is more information on the website listed above. I think we often imagine tv shows being millions of dollars of budgets. I happen to know that this show doesn’t have that kind of budget and if we can help raise about $50,000 in small donations then YEAH we can show the world that we LOVE this kind of programming. It’s worth it to me, and I hope it’s worth it to you!

News, Notables, and Male Members

The weekend approacheth, and I’m busy beyond belief. Half of my to-do list didn’t get done this week, due to some insane wackiness that was sent my way by ill winds of fortune. Luckily, I banished the winds to their rightful place, and am trying to get back on track! YAY. So, this post is going to be a hodge podge of CLF awesomeness!

First of all, the CLF Sponsored Flamie Awards are getting mentioned in print! The latest Interweave Crochet magazine (and on the Crochet Me site) they have an ad for the magazine feature their 2008 Flamie Award for Best Crochet Magazine! That graphic was designed by Darlisa Riggs (Fignations on Ravelry), she is a fabulous artist and also manages and runs the awesome E-Zine Crochet Un-Cut, the Official Unofficial Magazine of the Crochet Liberation Front.

Yup, I just said it. Male members.  We have them in the CLF and while I often wax on about feminism, I acknowledge with ferver that men indeed crochet (and knit, and weave, and spin, and do all the kinds of crafting women do), and we have many men in the CLF. Many of them notable crocheters in the industry, and some notable in their awesomeness as CLF members, and all of them notable not because they are male, but because they are awesome crocheters. They happen to be male.

One such member, is Josh, who’s article on male inclusion into Chat-n-Chains (or Sit and Knits) is featured on the Crochet Insider’s fabulous E-Zine. It’s worth the read, it’s funny, short and makes a really good point. As much as we do not like being harassed as women when passing a construction site, men don’t like being harassed when coming to a handworking event. Oh wait there are female construction workers? Yeah, and there are male handworkers. Equality folks. Let’s not harrass the guys, especially if we don’t like being harrassed!

Oddly this article is timed with some of my very own thoughts on the subject of male handworkers. As I wrote above, I know I have written plenty about the feminism side of life, and have been wondering if that has made the guys in the CLF feel a bit left out. It was and never is intended to leave our male members out of the loop or not included. And I was about to write a post up just for them. Josh, however did a much better job of it, and I think I’m pretty clear in the CLF Manifesto that we crocheters come in all flavors, and sizes.

So with that in mind I’m off and running to the rest of my day, and hoping to get more off that to-do list! YAY for crochet we’re doing more and more out in the world folks. Let’s just keep hookin!

And I wasn’t even trying to cause trouble…honest!

Ok crochet boys and girls, gather round and fearless leader will tell you a story…

It all started last Saturday when I agreed to go with my friend to the county democrat caucus as a guest, because she was a delegate. (No this is NOT a political post, honest!)

I knew it would be a long, long day, so I brought a bag full of yarn and hooks. In fact, it was the tote bag I designed as a prototype for the CLF. On one side it says, I heart Crochet, and on the other “Who’s your Granny Now?” (with a photo of funky squares)…

I spent a good part of that day crocheting, I ignored the frickas and hooked. I have a basketweave sweater I’m designing right now in a very fine yarn and wondering why I started at this point…Remember, I have no patience for long projects, I’m wondering if the sweater won’t end up a vest…sigh…Ok, I digress, on with the story.

It was late afternoon, we were all tired, stressed, I was disgusted with the poor organization, I had to explain the process to more than one person who should have understood it, and they weren’t young either…Hey, they used to teach civics, I wonder how many people actually listened some days…

So, anywho, my friend had just finished her speach to run for the next level of caucus and I had to use the rest room… I ran out, relieved my overstretched bladder (having taken my keys with me) and ran back to the subcaucus room. Once the preceedings were over, my friend was socializing and mixing, I went to go to the car to eat the rest of my sandwich. Believe me it was a long, long, long day with little time to eat, drink etc. (Again, I got much crochet time in, which is all important!)

When I got to the car, I couldn’t find my key. Oh “*^*&^$”, I said. I ran back to the restroom, searched for my key, and of course it was not there. I wasn’t too worried, I have a rather distinct key chain. Not a key chain most people would possess.

I looked for an official type and began my quest to find the key. It was close to going home time, and well, my key was the key to getting home. I went up to a gentleman and asked for the lost and found, which had been packed up. So, he took me to a lady, one of the county party officials. The conversation went like this…

“Hi, I think I may have left my car key in the Ladies Room,” said I. Smiling apologetically.
“Oh my, it’s been a long day hasn’t it.” She said, nodding with understanding.
“Oh yes, well it’s easy to know if it is mine, I have a rather unique keychain.”
“Oh is it brown with stars, we found one like that.” Her eyes were hopeful.
“No, it is white and purple and says, ‘Proud to be a hooker!” said I, seriously.
Her eyes opened wide in shock, the gentleman gasped and almost choked, and I was wondering what their damage was when it dawned on me!
Lauging I raised my crochet bag, and grinning said, “I’m a crocheter, and founder of the Crochet Liberation Front, over 1500 members worldwide!”

Ok, I think I made their day, they laughed so hard!
In the end the key had got lost in the yarn, and I found it a few seconds later.

It was worth the whole dang day to see the looks on their faces. And like I said, I really didn’t even have to try.