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Change of Plans & Choices & Books

Ok, CLFers don’t hate on me, cause I’ve had a change of plans for August. Yes, I said I was going to Buffalo, I wanted to go to Buffalo. I love my CGOA brothers and sisters. I wanted to take my hooks and yarns, and buy more hooks and yarns, and play play play! However, I had a few decisions to make and I will spell them out just so my loyal minions and ring leaders know why. I believe in transparency.

If you noticed I haven’t been talking up book 2 too much. That’s because, as with book one, the problem was my computer was running sooooooooooooooo slow.  Now as I wrote in the last post, the CLF has finally made enough to oover a few basic expenses. (Certainly not enough for me to fly to Buffalo AND stay in a hotel, let alone do silly things like eat and stay in the black). So, I made an executive decision to buy new memory for the lap top.

It was a good decision. For you technophiles, envision this. I pulled off a 198 page full color book will a laptop with 2  512K memory sticks installed. Today I got 2 1GB cards put in, I’d have loved to put more, BUT my laptop can’t handle more. Now I should have less freezing, and my c omputer should be able to handle the load of the books.

There is no inspiration for working on a book when your program decides not to respond and you have to recover files and pray you saved the last bit, because it may or may not be able to recover the page.

So, no Buffalo. But, I will be mailing a few things to a few dedicated CLF minions and ring leaders to pass out to all and sundry. And, I will be doing a little subversion here on the left coast. Stay tuned for those details.

The other reason, I chose this, is that my local community fair is the week before Buffalo, and I am the Department Head of the Hand spinning and Fleece division. All of my normal help are elderly, and some of them have been quite ill this year. I will not have the help preceeding the event as normal, and that means for 2 weeks in July (not to mention the actually 3 days of the fair) I will be running my buns off doing my job here locally. I know how exhausted I get those weeks before the fair, and after the event itself, and as a measure of self care, part of my decision to spend the airplane ticket money on the computer (and the other subversive activity) was made knowing I would end up zombie like if I pushed myself.

Thank you for understanding that my will to go cannot meet my physical ability to do so, and I am sad I will miss out on the fun and  seeing and meeting you! BUT next year is the retreat for the CLF, AND I’m thinking of doing a SE USA tour…more details to come when I figure it out !

Hooks Raised! CLF SALUTE!

Thank you for your support and a minor celebration!

Hey there Minions and Ring Leaders!

Thank you to all of you who have purchased the CLF First Ever Book, be it on, or through our Website, or even in the .pdf version, your support has helped the CLF hit a new milestone. It was time to renew our website domain, and hosting service. Which runs just over $100.00 a year for what I am using (not counting the blog), and this is the first year that I did NOT have to dip into the household budget to pay for it! YAY! It was so nice to just be able to pay for the website from my little paypal account.  This year I may not be totally in the red, I may not be in the black but if I can get the CLF to breaking even, then I will be achieving several of my goals for this fine organization! 

1) Proving that you do not need to take out bridging loans to run a business.

2) Able to do more for the CLF and be that much closer to being able to pay for patterns for future books.

3) Showing that you can be for profit AND socially responsible!

What do I do with profits? Well, one day when I see any (grin) they will be invested directly back into the company. And maybe one day I can pay myself a little salary, that would be nice. I believe we can achieve great things in small ways, with good decisions, and firm core beliefs that run to the idea that if everyone does well we all do well! So, again thank you so much to everyone who has purchased the CLF First Ever Book, and also to those who have purchased our fabulous propoganda on our Zazzle Store!

By no means am I rolling in dough here folks, but if I am correct we just might squeak through even and that is a cool thought.


Website update, video tutorials, and other stuff

Well, I updated the CLF website. The front page is changed, I added a page of video tutorials that will be added to from time to time. The offerings on the page are diverse from folks within and without the industry! Rock on folks! We are the hooksters (you know like hipsters) and crochet is very cool…as is evidenced in the videos.

I get really frustrated working on the website, mostly because of stupid broken links, everything else is easy. I can do the buttons and scrolling dancing monkies (if I wanted to, but they won’t load on my computer at home on dial up!), but broken links, they are my bane. So, when I whine about building the site, just know it’s the dang typos that are killing me 😉 LOL…I just don’t have all the hours in every day to do all that needs doing 😉 No rest for this wicked wicked woman.

Speaking of no rest for the wicked, I am working away on the adult book. I extended the deadline on the third book, folks will know if they got in by the 12th of June. I’m taking my time with these things.

Remember, though I have “help”, I am doing the book production as me/myself/ and I. I can have folks look over and do some editing. But, ultimately I take on the whole enchelada 🙂 WHOO HOO! Instead of giving myself and ulcer, like I did last year, I am taking it easy.

So while you wait for the second and third books, why not get the first book! You can get it from our website if you are outside of the states order your book from and if you just want the .pdf download get it from it’s only $9.99 there 😉

So, folks we’re plugging away working, juggling, running, and hooking…Thanks for the thoughts and offers of assistance. It’s all appreciated. Oh and I will leave you with this:

We’re planning the CLF retreat for October 2010. Yes, that is right!

Crochet Uncut E-Zine: Summer Issue & other stuff

Hey CLFers!

Our friend’s over at Crochet Uncut (The Official Unofficial Magazine of the CLF) have the Summer Issue up and running! Fabulous issue! Check it out! It’s free to join, but if you could donate a little something, something or if you have a small crochet/yarn related business and want to sponsor their efforts, I’m sure Darlisa would not take offense to having some $$ come her way! She does this as a labor of love folks, and I think she does a fabulous job!

Speaking of labor’s of love, I’m working on the CLF second book: Crochet In Chains (The CLF All Growed UP)… It’s coming along even though I’ve had to fight with Titan on some software miscommunications…stupid software! It’s fixed and I’m on a roll…

The deadline for the third book has been extended until the end of next week…so if you want to send in patterns for the 400 yds or less book, please feel free to do so…You guys are all so damn hard on yourself! Stop beating yourselves up for having lives and priorites that supercede the CLF books…DUH…it’s not the end of the world.

Speaking of books! If you haven’t bought the CLF First Ever Book…it’s still available on the Official CLF Website for only $24.50 (includes shipping), or from click the ad for it here 🙂 or as a PDF Download from for only $9.99 now that’s one hell of a deal!

All proceeds help the CLF (and it’s fearless leader) function in the world, and will help get more books out into the universe! So help a sister out 🙂

A rare but warranted Review.

I rarely review books on this blog, but I bought one today and it deserves attention and notice!

Hooked for Life Adventures of a Crochet Zealot by Mary Beth Temple is a fabulous, heart warming, and funny read. Yes, you know I adore Mary Beth Temple, and yes originally that’s why I bought it.

I purchased the book at my local bookstore (excited to see it on the shelf), because I try to buy crochet books there as much as possible, AND because I really adore Mary Beth Temple and want to see her do well (and hell she bought my book, too!).

I had to take my son to Tae Kwon Do this afternoon, and so instead of shopping or puttering around town, or even crocheting in the mini-van, I picked up my new book and started to read.

From the moment I cracked open the page, all I kept saying was, “Right on!” and “That’s why you are in the CLF!” and “Hook ON! My friend!” I chuckled, I nodded, and I misted up a few times. It was a very “Jerry McGuire moment” she had me at hello.
Temple takes a positive approach to crochet, it’s history, how we’ve viewed by others, how we view ourselves, and on every page makes a beautiful case for the value of that which we who wield the hook LOVE!

It’s a jaunty ramble of her journey, with which many crocheters can identify readily! From the humorous methods of dealing with gauge issues, to dealing with mixing beverages and yarn, to exploding stashes, and magic balls, to wondering just how that scarf got that big, to the lack of details of just how did that Beer Can hat craze get started and WHY on earth did it catch on in the first place? To the love we who crochet spread in our works of charity, gifts for family, and afghans, yes, in our love of afghans. In fact, I who am often prejudicial against afghans (cause I’m not into making them) changed my mind about them after reading her passage about them. In fact I’m half tempted to start making one right now! (And I misted up!)

It is NOT an in defense of crochet book, it is not apologetic, it is bare bones, this is what we do, here’s some history, here’s why I love it (and why ME love it too), and here’s what it means to many people across the world. It’s witty, erudite, and light.

It is the PERFECT gift for your friends who crochet, it is the perfect treat for yourself, put it on your list of MUST READS!

It does not attempt to convert anyone to anything, it just IS about crochet. It earns an award from me…

Mary Beth Temple I award your fabulous hooky tome the SET MY PICOT FREE AWARD!

As soon as I get to a high speed connection I’m put this on the carosel!

Hook the Vote! 2009 Crochet Awards!

2009 Crochet Awards!
(The Flamies)
Sponsored by The Crochet Liberation Front

Welcome crochet enthusiasts to the first annual crochet awards, also known as the Flamies. Why Flamies? The Crochet Liberation Front has had an “award” on our message board on Ravelry that we call the “Flaming Crochet Hook of Justice” and so if we’re sponsoring an award; Flamie seemed most appropriate moniker.

We ask that you search your heart and mind (and the internet) to choose how you vote for each person/organization/item in each category. The nominations were held for one week via the Crochet Liberation Front HQ on, but that’s only 3091 voices! We invite all of our brother and sister crochet enthusiasts to vote for the BEST of what was crochet in 2008.
To cast your vote go to this link if you don’t know who or what you want to vote for skip that category! It only takes a few minutes, and allows us as a community to show the BEST of what crochet can give to the world.
Winners will receive a fantastic “trophy” for their website, and will be announced on Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple on March 16th so stay tuned!

To my lovely CLF Minions, thank you for all of your nominations of me personally in various categories but I respectfully decline due to my sponsoring the awards. I did allow the CLF Book to be counted in nominations though, because that reflects a collaborative work beyond my individual effort.

Doris Chan is very honored with her nomination for Life Time Achievement Award but has respectfully declined in order to have another veteran of our community come forward in that process. (Don’t worry she’s in the other categories)

Please go to the LINK provided to vote, feel free to do some web surfing to check out the nominees, I’ve provided links where possible to assist in your decision making process! Blog this up folks, we want as many folks voting as possible!

All nominees are listed in Alphabetical Order.

Categories and nominees are:

Best Crochet Magazine:
Crochet Today
Crochet World
Interweave Crochet

Best Instructional/Technical Crochet Book 2008 Only books published in 2008 qualified for nominations.

Beyond the Square, Edie Eckman
Blue Print Crochet, Robin Chachula
Creative Crochet Lace, Myra Wood
Harmony’s Guide: 101 Basic Stitches to Crochet, Erika Knight

Best Crochet Pattern Book 2008 Only books published in 2008 qualified for nominations.

Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book, edited Laurie Wheeler
Sensual Crochet: Luxurious Yarns, Alluring Designs, Amy Swenson
Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter, Robin Chachula
Crochet that Fits: Shaped Fashion without increases or decreases, Mary Jane Hall

Best Crochet Instructor 2008

Darla Fantan
Dee Stanziano
Myra Wood
Robin Chachula

Best Crochet Blog 2008 (Five nominees due to a tie in the process)

Crochet by Faye
Crocheting With Dee
Everyday Crochet
Go Crochet
The Crochet Dude

Best Crochet Designer for Women’s Fashions 2008 (With six nominees due to ties) Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision.

Doris Chan (RavelryID DorisJChan)
Julia Vacosin (Ravelry ID Jujustrickt)
Kristin Omdahl (RavleryID kristinomdahl)
Lily Chin (No Ravelry ID Available, but see her designs under patterns in the Ravelry Search)
Margaret Hubert ( RavelryID MHDesigner1)
Robin Chachula (RavelryID CrochetbyFaye)

Best Crochet Designer (Accessories: Hats, Scarves, Jewelry, Socks etc) 2008 (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Danielle Krasner (Ravelry ID Laracroft)
Ellen Gormley (RavelryID GoCrochet)
Kim Guzman (RavelryID CrochetKim)
Lisa Naskrent (RavelryID Crochetgarden)

Best Crochet Designer (men’s wear) 2008 (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Drew Emborsky (RavelryID thecrochetdude)
Kim Guzman (RavelryID Crochet Kim)
Peter Franzi (RavelryID Hookerbear)
Robin Chachula (RavelryID CrochetbyFaye)

Best Crochet Designer (for children, children’s wear, accessories, toys) (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Annastasia Cruz (Ravelry ID annastasia76)
Candi Jensen (Ravelry ID Candijensen)
Lisa Naskrent RavelryID Crochetgarden)
Mia Zamora Johnson (Ravelry ID Mia)

Best Designer for Thread Projects(Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Ferosa Harold (Ravelry ID Ferosah)
Kathryn White (Ravelry ID Katchcan)
Patricia Kristofferse n (No Ravelry ID available but her designs can be found in the pattern search on Ravelry)
Tatyana Miller (No Ravelry ID available but her designs can be found in the pattern search on Ravelry)

Best Free Form Designer

Jenny Dowde (Ravelry ID JenOz)
Margaret Hubert (Ravelry ID MHDesigner1)
Prudence Mapstone ( Ravelry ID prudencem)
Myrawood (Ravelry ID myrawood)

Best New Designer (in any crochet related media)

Julia Vaconsin (Ravelry ID Jujustrickt)
Marlaina Bird (Ravelry ID Yarnthing)
Tracie Barrett ( Ravelry ID traciecrochets)
Yavanna Coulter (RavelryID Datenshi)

Individual Life Time Achievement Award

Candi Jensen (RavelryID Candijensen)
Carol Ventura (Ravelry ID Tapestrycrochet)
Gwen Blakely Kinser (RavelryID Crochetkween)
Margaret Hubert (Ravelry ID MHDesigner1)

Best Crochet Designer (Home Decor: afghans, pillows, rugs, etc.) ) (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Bendy Carter (Ravelry ID bendy)
Ellen Gormley (Ravelry ID Gocrochet)
Karen Ratto Whooley (RavelryID krwknitwear)
Regina Rioux Gonzalez (RavelryID ladylinoleum)

Best Crochet Design for Adults (men’s and women’s fashion, plus accessories) (Ravelry ID’s are included where known to allow you to search their designs to make an informed decision)

Crocus Bud Crochet Shawl, by Sharlene Boyce
Dragon fly Shawl by Lisa Naskrent (Ravelry ID crochetgarden)
Northern Dreams Pull Over by Julia Vaconsin (Ravelry ID jujustrickt)
Veritas, Equitas by Danielle Krasner (Ravelry ID Laracroft)

Best Design Home Décor
Jelly Fish by Gina Rioux Gonzalez (Ravelry ID Ladylinoleum)
Pieces of My Heart Pillow by Mellisa Mall (RavelryID Melissa)
Shades of Denim Afghan by Ken Jones (RavelryID crochetguy)
Sunburst Bowl by Carol Ventura (ravelry ID Tapestrycrochet)

Best Online Crochet Magazine 2008

Crochet Insider
Crochet Uncut

Best Crochet Podcast
Getting Loopy
Yarn Thing
The Crochet Side by Brianna Mewborn (

Best Crochet Hooks (handcrafted made by individuals and available for sale or by auction)
Brains Barn
Gray Dog (available only on Ebay)
Ernst Glassworks
Jimbo’s Hooks

Most Crochet Friendly Yarn Company
Caron International
Lion Brand
Tahki Stacey Charles
Mission Falls

Again the link to VOTE is

CLF Book #2, Crochet Awards, and NATCROMO

Hey all!

Just a quick note to let you know the submissions for the CLF Book #2 stay open for another week, not pushing as hard on this book…this one we’ll take nice and slow and see what crochet goodness (or badness) we can come up with!

Remember this is a PG17/R book with fun toys, negligees and accessories 😉 I did a little research for the book, and other than having to claw my eyes out because of one rather “interesting” catalog website, I have a ton of ideas..and I definately know what this book will NOT be! LOL..

Crochet Awards are closed! We’ll get the voting set up for next week and leave it open for TWO WEEKS, blog people blog…As soon as I have the information as to the web link, I need YOU in your Crochet Goodness to make sure all your friends know in the WHOLE crochet community!

This is gonna be totally cool 🙂

National Crochet Month! (International Crochet Month to those of us in the CLF) will be celebrated on Ravelry again! Join in on the fun HERE!