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News and more on Drape Competition!

First Iwould love to share the great news that Mary Beth Temple’s Hooked for LIfe is going into it’s second printing! Hah, we kept saying the crocheters could read! Congratulatoins to Mary Beth Temple on that brilliant good news, and I have to admit that after the review here on the CLF Blog; I have read and read the book at least five times 🙂 Love it!


By the way, it’s Monday and that means Mary Beth Temple’s LIVE podcast happens at 9pm Eastern/6 Pacific at! Don’t miss her show!

And more information about the competition!

Someone posed this thought/question “Is it not unfair to have lace entered or open work because they automatically drape?”

Nope. It’s not unfair, and one reason is that they do not always automatically drape. I make lace so tight I don’t need starch. And, if you use worsted weight yarn and a g hook you get stiff no matter what, you may end up with a “drapier” fabric that way, but it will not necessarily produce drape.

We want every kind of drape you can think of in crochet: Solid fabric, open work, lace, swatches of all of those…what ever. Send in your photos PLEASE!

The more PROOF we have the better, and I promise a WHOLE BLOG PAGE to the results!

Remember the competition ends August 9th! I want pictures!


Do you have your copy of the CLF First Ever Book?

Hey gang! A quick reminder that we have the CLF First Ever Book available as a PDF Download on, I also have a few of my own patterns and the Secrets of Yarn Guide (which covers fibers, their properties and the “best” craft usage guide. “Best” is a relative term, if you can make it work great 🙂 If you are wondering how a fiber can be best used to it’s advantage the list works as a great rule of thumb.

If you want a hard copy of the book it’s available from the CLF Website or from (just click on the carosel to your right on this blog!), it’s cheaper from my website, but you can get faster shipping from Amazon, you choose!
Another option is buying one directly from me in Portland, Oregon (or bring you book for a signing!), I’ll have a limited number of hard copies on my person during the Spring Knit and Crochet Show at the Double Tree in Portland Oregon. I’ll be hanging out at the Double Tree from May 14 through the morning of the 17th. I’ll have my sharpie ready!
We should have a few of our contributors in Portland as well and they will have a sharpie ready! Collect as many of our signatures as you can!!!

The Flamies: Part DUH

That’s what we’re calling the Grand Finale of the Finale Process on Getting Loopy this coming Monday Night (March 30th, 9pm EDT/6pm PDT). For those not in the know, the first annual Crochet Awards (known as the Flamies) happened on March 16th 2009. The last eight winners/categories got lost in technoland.

Poor Mary-Beth found that her virtual switchboard had “poof” disappeared, along with the guests…We had odd thoughts that leprochauns had abducted our winners to get at the statuettes…but alas it was merely a technical glitch.

So tune in tomorrow night, Monday March 30th for the CONCLUSION of the Flamies on Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple! If you can’t join us live, please download the archives…

For some reason she’s willing to have me back on the air, and once again I promise to be good, and I’ll talk louder…I’m terrible about that, I actually have a rather loud voice and so I tone it down not to blow out speakers and often over correct…sigh…

Anywho…More fun news about the CLF!

We are in the very first issue of the New UK magazine called Inside Crochet! I look forward to seeing what they have to say about us there! (link to come…I’m on dial up at the moment, so it’s torturous…Tuesday I’ll reblog with all the juicy links)…

The CLF First Ever Book is being reviewed in the May-June ’09 issue of Quick and Easy Crochet magazine! That was so exciting I couldn’t sleep after I found out!

And…I and several other CLF members have been interviewed by Crochet Today Magazine about the CLF and our wacky ways…That should be out in the July/August ’09 issue in time for our Second Anniversary!!!!

Now just in case you think my head’s getting too big…think again. I would like to remind you I am the mother of teens…My ego gets dented back into shape on a daily basis 😉

Last Day to Vote, and more March Madness

Hi folks! Today is the LAST day to vote for your favorites in the first annual Flamie Awards 🙂
As of tonight 12am PST the vote closes and we get to work to make the real fun start!

So if you haven’t voted, GO VOTE!

Remember you don’t have to be “qualified” you just have to know what you like! If you haven’t had a class, then obviously you won’t vote for the teachers 🙂 Etc..etc…etc…

NOW here’s some real exciting news. The Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book is now available as a PDF download for only $9.99 now that is a total steal!

I could have released it earlier, but I thought I’d wait for (inter) National Crochet Month!

Happy National Crochet Month!

Whoot! March is here at last! Yay! That means one thing it’s (Inter) National Crochet Month!
National Crochet Month was started by the Crochet Guild of America, and the CLF has made it our business to whoop it up!!

That’s why we are sponsoring the Flamies! If you haven’t cast your vote, get busy will ya? We end the voting on Tuesday, March 3 2009.

Remember we are announcing the winners on Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple on Monday, March 16th! Be there or be square.

Other activities: Check out the many crochet blogs our in blog land, with over 3140 members (we’re just growing by leaps and bounds folks!) there are bound to be fun crochet posts all over the net! In fact, why don’t you blog your crochet?

If you are on Ravelry, check out the Crochet Party Group! We have ever so much fun, we’re all really busy this year, but you can pop your head in say hi, and join in with the crochet sillies! I know you can!

Great things afoot at the CLF

Hey there folks 🙂

Well we have some lively discussions happening on the CLF Message Board on Ravelry.

Plans, dreams and goals for 2009 abound, we are currently organzing the first ever Crochet Awards (like the oscars but you know for crochet :)) all are welcome to help in the planning, we’re shooting to host those in March, which as you know is National Crochet Month (or International Crochet Month, since we decreed it so to not be exclusive of folks outside the US of A)…

We’ll have a nominating process up soon 🙂

We also have ideas of having a “Christmas Present” Challenge for each month so we don’t get caught behind again next holiday season (or like we do every year)

We have the yahoo group for file downloads and now have them on, see the Ravelry thread for more information for the, or join the yahoo group to have access to these great downloads.

I have finally drafted the letter to Michaels Stores Inc, and have a copy for minions to send en masse, you’ll have to send it snail mail though, because I haven’t had a lot of luck finding email addies for those folks. I have my own letter I shall be sending and will post a copy of it once I have it mailed off…

Finally, the last podcast is finally up…and I promise to do better getting those up in 2009!

A few reminders…

Hey, gang just a few fun reminders…

1) We have a Yahoo Group for the sole purpose of downloading CLF Certificates for Local Yarn Stores, that’s right we certify Yarn stores for being LYS Friendly! You can also find a letter to go with the handy dandy certificate thanking your LYS for being so great, and if they aren’t or a yarn company isn’t up to your fancy and you want more we have a nice letter template for you to use.

I still owe you the one specifically for Michael’s and I promiss that will be up and available next week.

2) The book will remain on sale for only $24.50 through Valentine’s Day. Click on the link with the book cover to your right on the blog and it will take you to the page!

3) We have a podcast and it is my intention to have a very belated episode up and running next week…fingers crossed.

4) Our group on Ravelry is as busy as ever planning Global Domination, please feel free to join in!

Just some friendly reminders! Oh and I still write on my personal blog, feel free to check that out from time to time.