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Hookalicious Hat!


Originally uploaded by happybanshee

CLF Member Happy Banshee made this fabulous free form hat! I adore it. Happy Banshee you are duly awarded the Hookalicious Award for outstanding crochet!

Well done!

It’s time to pony up!

Candi Jensen, Executive Producer of Knit and Crochet Today asked me if the CLF would help her generate awareness about the need for funds to produce Season 3 of the show! (To air on PBS starting Jan. ’10).

Before I tell you all that a $5 donation could actually help save her show, I want you to know a little bit behind the production of the highest rated tv show of it’s kind!

Candi is a one woman operation. She fell into being the Executive Producer of the show, had to learn how and what to do as a producer and owner of a production company. She’s a designer by trade, and has many patterns, books and articles floating out there. But imagine being thrown into that awesome path, having to learn on the fly and THEN losing the sponsor and having to find the money to keep the EMMY NOMINATED and HIGHEST RATED TV Show on the air!

WOW! Daunting! I so resonate with Candi, and over the past few months have had the absolute pleasure of helping her with ideas for fundraising, and gotten to know that she really is as nice as she looks in her pictures in the magazines! (I’ve admired her and her talent for YEARS…yes, I have stars in my eyes)…When I found out she was a one woman operation I had to help, even if she named her show incorrectly. I mean we all know it SHOULD say Crochet and Knit Today, but really there’s trademarks and copywriting in the way now, so I’ll stop bugging her about it.

I’m a one woman show too, and thank heavens I have so many willing helpers in the CLF to get things moving and running! That’s why I offered to get the word out! So, here’s the deal, the link to the donation page is  

You can help by donating, or blogging about this fabulous TV Show. I have the shows on DVD and I love them. I have even learned a thing or three from them. (And shshshs don’t tell anyone, I was even tempted to pick up the sticks!)

Please help the show out! There is more information on the website listed above. I think we often imagine tv shows being millions of dollars of budgets. I happen to know that this show doesn’t have that kind of budget and if we can help raise about $50,000 in small donations then YEAH we can show the world that we LOVE this kind of programming. It’s worth it to me, and I hope it’s worth it to you!

Creating opportunity…

I am so sick and tired of hearing about the bad economy. Wanna know why? Here’s a list:

1) For many people it’s sucked for a long time. (Ask the folks who lost their jobs to the outsourcing trend that started almost 20 years ago)

2) The only reason it’s getting tons of air time now is because rich people and the upper middle class are finally be effected. As a former social worker I can tell you I was dealing with the fall out of the “balloon” economy ten years ago. It’s no surprise to me.

3) It’s giving corporations the excuse to lay off more workers (which is a dumb move because it diminishes the amount of revenue circulating in the domestic/international market).

4) It’s also become the most common thing you hear people repeat in conversations. OH GIVE ME A BREAK. Didn’t anyone learn about gravity (in regards to the stock market) what goes up must come down (at some point)…COME ON!

So, let’s get this out of the way: How can Crocheters help the economy and make the world a better place.

1) Buy from local businesses as much as possible, for hooks, yarns etc. If you can’t find them in person, look on line. You money gets five times the mileage when you spend it locally than when you spend it out of the local economy!

2) Offer to teach classes to folks on how to make their own cool crochet gifts and fashions. When pennies are tight handwork always goes up in favor. Kids love making phone covers, and game system cozies, they can make hair scrunches and book marks for friends! Young mother’s love to learn to make for baby..etc etc etc…

3) Find local designers and buy their patterns. Especially the indie designers. That gives the little guy more cash.

There is no such thing as too big to fail. Having all the money in the big boys hands is a dangerous economic prospect. In fact it has very much led to economic feudalism. No one is too big to fail, everyone is expendable, anyone telling you different is trying to sell you something.

I firmly believe the more we can support the medium to micro businesses the more we shall empower and enable sustainable communities….and CROCHET can play a huge part in that! How?

The microcosm always influences the macrocosm. Ask any scientist.

Join me, let’s save the world today with crochet…Raise your hooks!

Captn’s Log: Crochet Date; Thurs May 14

The morning came far too early for this night owl. Husband, transported daughter and I to the Mt. Vernon Train Station (Mt. Vernon, WA State), where daughter & I boarded the Amtrak to Portland.

It is about a 5 hour journey, so we brought our hooks and yarn to keep us company!

Please note the very cool skull cap I crocheted, most of it in Bernat Glow in the Dark yarn. It’s a cool cap, which doubles as a night lite 🙂 (Just kidding it doesn’t glow that long, but it does glow brightly!)

We met some lovely ladies from Bellingham, WA along the way, most of them older than I, and most mystified by crocheting, or knitting, a few were quilters. We decided we could all live in the sisterhood/brotherhood of textile love.

We had a few stops along the way, first was Everett, then Seattle, then Tacoma and a few more. I missed a couple cause I was taking a well earned nap! Sara got a neat shot of the Seattle stop.

We arrived in Portland in good time, the rain having turned to beautiful blue skies. We met up for dinner with some very good friends. I won’t say how long I’ve known by dear sister/friend and her hubby, but let’s put it this way, it makes us feel old to say it! Then, I got back in time for the Market Show Preview! WOW some really great stuff folks! More on that later…but here’s what I’ve gotten so far:

Several skeins of Newton’s Country Yarn, one of them a lovely bamboo/brushed cotton, 950 yds! WHOOT. I also picked up a Laurel Hill Ebony hook, looks like an M to me, love it! The gentlemen from Laurel Hill are really neat folks, good to meet them and hear the story behind this really cool company!

After that we free formers started to “hook up”, and I got to see dear Mel from Connetticut, Bonnie & Bill Pierce from Washington State, as well as Jacqui from Australia who I got to meet in 2007 in Oakland, she looks great! and a new addition to our little cadre of crochet madness, Sarah who works for Crown Mtn. Farms!
Tommorrow I have my first class in the afternoon with Jennifer Hansen looking forward to that, and this should just be fun! Ooooh and tomorrow night is the Free Formers official party. Hoping to hook up with more folks. I’m hear hanging around the hotel…I’ll leave a note in the hospitality room so folks can find me 😉
Anyway, goodnight and sweet fiber dreams! Capt’n out! (Sorry, I’m exhausted and I was feeling all trek-ish 🙂 )

This is my view from the hotel…wish you came now doncha!?