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Kitschalicious Cozy!


Originally uploaded by kristyashmore

Call it a cozy, call it a bag, this is so darn cute!

CLF Member KAshmore makes these really cute bags to hold your Gadgets! The pattern is available for download at her Etsy store,

KAshmore pat yourself on the back! These bags have earned you the Kitschalicious Award for awesome crochet kitsch!

Hooks Raised, CLF Salute!

Setting our Picot Free!!!

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Our first Set My Picot Free Award of 2009 goes to CLF Member Maranta, for her “Crazy Summer Top”…

You have got to go onto and check out this project, it is amazing! The flowers are crocheted, the top is crocheted, it’s well made, beautifully and artistically composed, and is just the BEST of what crochet can be….and it’s FUN!!! I LOVE THIS TOP!!

I am actually going to break from my normal habits and actually post several views of this from her project notebook on our blog because it is too dang fun! And you MUST see the details!

Gorgeous work…

CLF Member Maranta you are duly awarded the Set My Picot Free Award for outstanding crochet skill, composition and beauty! Congratulations!