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Off to the CGOA Regional in Portland, Oregon!

I’m excited!

Tomorrow morning my daughter and I head up to Mt. Vernon, WA. in order to take a train to Portland, Oregon. Our destination is the CGOA Regional event at the Doubletree Hotel in Portland, Oregon. It’s also called the “Knit and Crochet Show” and well, I have protested the name in the past (what else who you have me do), but the name of the show has nothing to do with the Crochet Guild of America, the “show” is owned by Offinger Management. But, they’ve done better listing crochet in their literature, and class notes. So, I give them a crochet nod.

I am taking a class on broomstick (jiffy) lace from Jennifer Hansen of Stitchdiva Design Studio, and a class on advance free form with Myra Wood.

I am also looking forward to going to Voodoo Donoughts because even though I grew up in the Portland Area, I have never been there, and I don’t know how on earth I ever missed such a place! I mean donoughts shaped like voodoo dolls? With red “blood” filling? I mean really! Me, who loves the first Shrek movie specifically because of the “Gingerbreadman” getting tortured? “No, NO! Not the MILK!”

I digress.

So, it’s a good thing that as part of my last minute preparations for the trip, that I have double checked what I need for the class. Um…Yeah. Sure I had it memorized, NOT!

So, I don’t think I have the correct sticks for Jennifer’s class, nor do I have the kind of yarn Myra called for in her class. Sigh…I barely EVER work with worsted weight yarn, so now I have to go digging through my stash one more time.

Yes, I will blog from the event! Yes, I’m taking pics! Yes, I have cool stuff to wear! I even made special elven slippers for crocheted yarnie goodness to wear in the halls 😉

More Roving Crochet News..

So, here I am ensconced at my really good friends’ house, helping prepare some tasty Living Food (also known as Raw Food) for tomorrow’s Earth Day Weekend Celebration in NW Portland. Gabrielle Chavez is a fabulous Raw Food Chef and afficionado, I’ve known her since she and her husband, Thomas, were simple and delightful vegetarians, and have followed their whole journey through the Raw Food process over the past 8 years.

If you want to taste Gabrielle’s fabulous goodies (and other folks contribute as well) she and her cohorts meet every Sunday Night at Kairos-Milwalkie UCC, at 5:30pm for a tasty meal and spiritual explorations.

If you are in the Portland area this is worth trying at least once!

Part of being a good friend is sacrificing yourself on the alter of good cuisine. I’ve enjoyed being a taste tester and sous-chef from time to time, and I never leave here disappointed.

Since, I’m being pampered and spoiled with healthy delcious, soul filling goodies, and quiet. Yes, quiet, no cats or dogs fighting, no kids asking me for their due, I’ve had some internet time to just look around at some very cool crochet happenings.

I’ve brought my crochet too, but I’ve been catching up with friends and forgot to do any so far, which is fine, though they don’t mind me crocheting while we talk. As I have followed their journey; so too, theyhave followed mine.

Anyway, I finally got to watch the TED Talk about Hyperbolic Crochet… I love how crochet is one of the very very few ways you can model Hyperbolic Geometry….

The Power of the Hook is Strong!!! Check out just how powerful! Here

Oooh and if you live in Philadelphia: Check out this exhibit

Day 1 of National Crochet Month

Hey there boys and girls, gents and ladies, damen und herren!

It’s National Crochet Month (International Crochet Month to the CLF), and I would like to do my part as a very proud CGOA member to say that if you aren’t a member of the Crochet Guild of America then what better month to join!

The Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) takes members from around the world, so you don’t have to be from the USA to join! Why join? Well, if you love crochet, and want to connect with others who love crochet then this is the group for you! If you have professional aspirations this is a grand group to join, and if you aren’t wanting to go pro it’s still a grand group to join!

I never knew how much I craved the company of other crocheters until I went to my first event. There I was thinking I was perfectly fine with my private and public crochet solo efforts. Then I sat with a group of people who loved their hooks, and yarn, and understood when I ripped out my project 16 rows, and we all said, “Rip it, Rip it, Rip it!” Suddenly I met brothers and sisters that I hadn’t even known were lost to me!

I didn’t join for the magazine, or the newsletter, I do love the internet community, and it’s worth going to just one CGOA event, or finding a chapter…I stay a member because I not only love my craft and long for it’s promotion, but I value you the dear friendships that I have made as a result of finding the CGOA in 2005. I am so glad I joined! I hope you do too!

If you are a member, you could gift your friends and relatives that crochet with a membership! I’m buying my daughter’s membership, and we’re going to the CGOA regional in Portland, Oregon this May. We’re going to take a few classes, and can’t wait to meet up with new friends and old alike…and we’re going to party with CLFers in Portland too 🙂 WHOOT!

International Crochet Day: September 12


Beloved master hook enabler and hooksmith Jimbo (of fame) decreed Sept. 12th of each year to be International Crochet Day!

How are you going to honor this illustrious day of crocheting goodness?

Here are some ideas Jimbo has offered on the CLF Message Board:

  • Crochet in public
  • Teach someone to crochet
  • promote Internatinal Crochet day in your blog

Other members have said they shall parade the streets of where they live festooned in crocheted lovliness!

What is Fearless Leader doing for International Crochet Day?

HAH! I am in Portland from the Knit and Crochet Show (I know it should be Crochet and Knit show but you know….one day we shall over come such sad titles of events)…

Come by booth 514 at the Oregon Convention Center to liberate your hooks!! We’ll crochet loud and proud (or quietly with elegant ease…either way works)…

Thank you to our dearest Jimbo, hook maker extraordinare!! In fact he is one Hookalicious Dude…and I now honor him with the Hookalicious Award for outstanding, bodacious, awesome hook enabling!! Congrats Jimbo!!

Da Book…

The Book will be released after the Fall Show in Portland…I have ordered the proof, but I’m not sure all of it is going to print as clear as I would like to see it print…so I’m redoing the book (formatting and sizing etc) to ensure that our wonderful CLF Minions are displayed as they deserve…

I am indeed a strange kind of perfectionist, especially when it comes to those I care for…and I really do love all of my wacky, creative, soulful, and inspiriting CLF Members…Really I do! So, we’re re-formatting the book…(Yes, I do have it memorized by now 🙂 ) and it will by perfect when it’s printed!!!

In the meantime what will I have for show in Portland for the Knit and Crochet Show?

T-shirts and buttons and keychains and some samples from the book 🙂 Postcards and well, the chance to meet myself and my family and I get to meet you! Head on Down to the Oregon Convention Center Sept 12-14 for a rockin’ good time 🙂

Let’s make some noise!