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Supporting our Community

Over the past few days the internet crochet community has been buzzing about our podcasters and their fates! Podcasting is going to start to really cost, many of our beloved casters don’t want to take sponsorship in order to retain their creative freedom…which means we the listeners need to help them out!

You can find Getting Loopy, host of the CLF’s Annual Crochet Awards (The Flamies), at http://www.gettingloopy.com   . Reluctantly, Mary Beth Temple has put a donate now button on her site (cause the community badgered her to! We love the show!), if you can donate please do!

The Yarn Thing Podcast also faces a similar dilema, and Marly could also use donations! You can find the Yarn Thing Podcast on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yarnthing .

We need to support those who support us! If you can’t donate anything, at least help get the message out there, any help is good help! Thank you so much in advance for anything you do in this great effort to keep crochet represented on the web!

The Power of Words

I don’t think this will be a long post, my heart aches right now. My grandmother is on my mind as I get ready to go down to Oregon for her funeral, to be held tomorrow. For the past two days, all I’ve done is think about her, what we did together, what was said, what wasn’t said, what shouldn’t have been said and was, and what should have been said and wasn’t. My grandmother had an immense vocabulary, and helped me hew my own vocabulary with badinage, witty repartee, and good old-fashioned debate.

I wasn’t allowed to call things, situations or people stupid, not just because it was rude but because it’s a poor way to describe anything or anyone. There is always a better and more descriptive word than stupid, unless that itself is the bon mot.

What does this have to do about crochet? Don’t worry, I’m getting to it.

For almost 3 years I have blogged, and schemed, and plotted to change our vocabulary when discussing our beloved craft. To find solutions, versus just pointing out the problems. All in all a life time of training has gone into this pseudo-union cum PR firm. Instead of abject control over my language and self, I have chosen humor, and irony to get the relevant matter to hand. I think it has been some what successful.

We, as a group, have made great strides on behalf of our craft. Not because crochet itself is ever insulted, why that is impossible! But, because as the people who chose to do this art/craft we deserve more than derision, and snide commentary. I care less about Pop-culture and media because they are not schooled or trained in what we do, it would merely be amusing to have their interest and accurate portrayal of our craft. No, I am always more concerned with the people and corporations who form the industry which we support through our purchasing power.

From them derision, negative commentary, and lack of service is egregious.

I’m too heartbroken, and tired to trumpet my disgust at an industry that makes millions of dollars from our hobbies and labors. I would like to start a campaign of quiet dignity. It is two-fold.

First: Take a photo of a finished object that you love, that you made with love, that you loved to make. If you can use editing software find a word that is positive in meaning to you, place it somewhere on your photo of the finished object, then post that on Ravelry, on your blog, on your Facebook page, and on twitter. Do it all.

Second: Choose a yarn company or magazine publisher, or book publisher  who’s practices in their language, or comments about crochet have offended you and send them the photo.

Lastly, if you feel like it, link it back to here so I can see what you made, and what word or words were powerful to you.

It is a quiet campaign this time, but I think we’ll be effective.