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Crochet The Postive, Eliminate the Negative…

Hey all! We’ve had quite a discussion going on at the CLF HQ on Ravelry.com regarding a certain catalog that tends to cater mostly to the pointy sticks. The discussion revolves around whether we are merely being paid lip service or if they really do get what crochet friendly really does mean. I think the discussion has been rather civil personally, these types of debates can be quite heated.

Am I mentioning the company here? Nope. I hold my own opinions about them and several other companies that pretty much make mouth music about crochet, and or patronizingly pat our hands and tell us to be good little girls and boys and be quiet over there in the back of the class, in the corner. I’m not one to settle for spending my dollars where they are not treated equally, and since I spend a LOT of my dollars on yarn and accessories etc, I choose to patronize companies who really really appreciate my money!

 I will not talk about the companies I do not shop at, because I have not one IOTA of intention to give them free marketing dollars. Remember ALL PRESS is good press, and frankly I am not in the business of advertising those with whom I have zero desire to patronize.

But, what I really REALLY love to do is to send you to folks that DO LOVE US! So here’s a few linkies to a few of my favorite crochet friendly people and companies, or even better those who treat us just like the folks we are, equal to every other craft in the world. Now that is worth talking about.

  • Coveted Yarns , owned by Robert Porter, this is one of the FRIENDLIEST yarn stores for any craft that I know of! Robert is a great supporter of crochet and even donated yarn to the CLF RETREAT!! Yay!! He sells yarn in his brick and mortar shop as well as online. He runs wicked sales, and he’s one hell of a guy!
  • Threadart.com for the THREADIES! Size 8 and size 10 thread at really reasonable prices. Smaller balls, but still affordable in lots of colors.
  • Jelly Yarns, owned by Kathleen Greco, another VERY CROCHET POSITIVE person! She too donated beaucoup yarn to the retreat, and her stuff is FUN FUN FUN! Can you say glow in the dark?
  • Pinch Knitter Yarns,  yes, this is a VERY Crochet Friendly yarn store. I should know I teach there!
  • Designing Vashti patterns from the delicious Vashti Braha and equally tasty Doris Chan at great prices and a wonderful free newsletter!
  • KRW Knitwear Studio From Karen Whooley, designer and teach par excellence!
  • Hooked For Life Publishing From our BELOVED Mary Beth Temple and hostess with the mostest of the Getting Loopy Podcast she so rocks & so do her designs!
  • Lacis  just start drooling now…and catch it after you go through the pages. One of the most awe inspiring stores/museums I have been to in my life!
  • Stitch Diva Studios Gorgeous patterns, gorgeous yarns gotta love it!

These people adore us, love us, want our dollars, and back up their love of crochet and those who do crochet! So put our money where our mouth is shall we and support them back? Like I said, we don’t need to whine and moan about those who don’t serve us…let’s support those who do..

Speaking of those who do, two online magazines that I TREASURE

Crochet Uncut ~ The unofficial official magazine of the CLF. Articles, patterns and more! Support them please! It’s a volunteer effort truly worthy of more than just a glance! WE LOVE THIS MAG!

Crochet Insider – Dora brings us great articles and news about those who crochet, and our beloved art/craft!

Oh and before I get comments from folks who do “both” crafts wondering what all the fuss is about…Well, let’s put it this way, pretend you didn’t do the acceptable one and then walk in the shoes of someone who is just looking for a crochet pattern when the ratio is 15:1 then you will see why…It’s a stupid bias, it’s moronic…and frankly I refuse to spend my hard earned $$ with those folks…I would rather support those who do cater to my needs and wants. Hence the linkies 😀

CLF News: Activism Pays Off!! Success!

Dearest CLF Members and Crochet Lovers,

After two and a half years of ceaseless struggle, and positive proactive action, I am proud to share a success with you! As you know, we crochet lovers have complained bitterly for years about the lack of crocheted samples in yarn stores, and big box craft stores. Tonight, I saw first hand that our pleas for equitable treatment have been answered and I want to first thank you for remaining ever vigilant, and secondly thank the yarn brands and the store for finally offering us samples of yarn worked up in crochet!

Lily Sugar n Cream as well as Michael’s store brand of yarn, both had large samples of crocheted pieces on display, well in view, with their yarn at Michael’s in Smokey Point, Washington. I know this, because I went there tonight on a last minute I need yarn for washcloths run. I was stunned, I was surprised, I squeed in glee. I floated and bounced, and even my 16 year old daughter was tickled and did not admonish me for practically skipping through the store!

I am so happy to see this! It was wonderful to see the work in plain sight, for all the world to see. And they were PRETTY samples, well crocheted, in nice stitch patterns, they showed off the yarn, and were finished…yes, the samples were finished…

As you know I have taken Michael’s to task here on this blog, and you also know I am all about fairness. So, here it is…Michael’s I know I told you before that you had made “Little Timmy cry”, but tonight, you made Laurie giggle in crochet glee. Thank you so much for listening, and we hope to see so much more! (I bought even more sugar n cream that I had planned, just to support the samples!)

Baby Got Drape!

Vashti Braha brought up a good statement on Twitter…We keep getting accused of not having drape…


Give me a break. Of course you can have drapey crochet. It depends on the fiber, hook, and stitch pattern. Huh, kinda like in the other craft.  I mean each fabric is created with a property in mind. Sometimes we want stretch, some times we want no stretch, some times we want to have drape and sometimes we do not. HELLO WORLD…it’s called options, and choices.

Once again may I reiterate, understanding fiber properties is the key to achieving the look, and feel you wish to have in your projects. You can not use a “bouncy” stretchy wool and get the drape of say, Merino wool. Merino has very little stretch memory (especially commerically processed Merino they take all the life out of it), and so it drapes much like a plant fiber (linen, cotton etc)…Obviously unless you are using a mongo hook with kitchen cotton a J hook isn’t going to give you drape, right? I mean really think about it, you have to have some ease in your stitches to achieve drape.

Just making a little point here, of course we can have drape if we want drape. Duh…duh and more duh. Before you let some ignorant person put down your crochet, and say it can’t have drape just ask them how they know this? Are they repeating the information from someone, without EVER having checked out to see if it’s a fact or not?

And if you happen to be making a basket out of crochet at the time, say, “Sure I can get drape, but how would my basket stand up then?”

Ignorance astounds me.