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Baby it’s Cold Outside…

Wowsies! After a blazing summer with only 5 full rainy days, October has become rather chilly here in the great Northwest! It’s so cold at night we’ve actually starting building a fire, which I LOVE! It’s cozy, and homey, and of course that makes me break out the hooks and yarn.

Other than working on a project for a magainze (which I can’t say anything about yet, but when it comes out I will), I am also making a large  “hammock” for my niece’s stuffed animal collection. It’s very princessy! I really want to get that finished because I have a burning desire to break out the wool and make myself some slipper socks. My feet are freezing, and all my old woolies are dead…yes, dead. Held fondly in my heart in memorium, but I wore the little blighters out, and have not had a chance to make new ones…EGADS what was I thinking?

I also need new hats. The cute fashion hats I made this summer, just don’t cut it in this chilly weather. So after the project is over, and the hammock is made, I shall definately make myself some yummy hats and slippers too!

Other than that? If you are going to Rheinbeck look for my little helpers, they will have CLF tote bags to identify themselves and have some awexomse postcards to boot! Ask them for a postcard they have plenty!

I’ll have some of those in Portland too! So if you come by Twisted on Friday October 30th, or Saturday October 31st you can nab one then 🙂

Crocheting up a storm!

The weather in the Pacific Northwest finally came back from where ever it was hiding all summer! We’ve had lovely rain storms that have soaked the garden (and oh my pumpkins and squash are so happy!), and the urge to crochet was watered as well!

After my dear friend Ann gifted me with any 5 skeins of her hand spun for my birthday, I had contemplated on what to do with the hand spun love! Three of the skeins became hats (they are short skeins), and two await my lace making pleasure (yummy silks!).

It also felt right to get back to the CLF Adult book Crochet In Chains in earnest!  5 more patterns flawlessly formatted in an unbelievably stress free work session. Though I am writing 3 more “patterns” though they are more like recipes, for “quickie” and “sexy” things to adorn ourselves! And they can be worn outside the boudoir as much as in it! (Well, let’s just say my younger and much hipper friends might…I would silly…mutton dressed as lamb and all that!)

Thoughts are also turning to the CLF retreat in 2010 that doesn’t feel all that far away now that we are almost a year out! It will be held at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island in WA…you can see photos of it here at http://www.crochetliberationfront.com/camabeachphotos.html. You can also see a lovely inside shot of the cabins in the latest Sunset Magazine issue, Cama Beach State Park was rated in the top 10 hide away treasures on the West Coast, and the only one from Washington State!

So, now that I have you excited know that I’m working hard to get the whole shabangy organized!

Crochet Thoughts…

It’s midweek, life has calmed down from the hectic and frenetic summer rush of activities in my local area. It’s all beginning to wind down, can we just sit here together for a moment, exhale slowly…now reach for that cup of tea and sit back and say, “ahhhhh, another summer of good work done!”

Fall quickly approaches, though you wouldn’t know it here in the Pacific Northwest, and it will probably take a while for the cool, cozy smokey days of Fall to approach us in all it’s glory. Yet, that’s exactly where my mind is turning, I find myself resenting this hot weather, thinking to myself, “Self, where is that cozy fall weather? I want to start all of my fall projects!”

I’m on a Tunisian Crochet kick as of late, and I bought two really cute F and G hooks from an online vendor, they are Boye hooks, which I like anyway. I wish they were slightly longer, but I don’t see why I can’t create my own “cabled” end for them.  I’ve started on a pair of socks I want to do in Tunisian, more details on that later, and I will once again do a fun post for the holidays on gift ideas by mid-September. Do we all cross our hearts and solemnly swear (just like we did last year) to get started on the Holidays early?

One thought I had for gift ideas, was if you have younger relatives, or heck older relatives who have shown interest in learning to crochet, why not gift them with some yarn, and some time with you to learn how? For the younger crowd who may be more likely to want to watch video tutorials on YouTube, why not send them to our Crochet Liberation Front Website to check out our nifty video link page?

And at long last I heard some really exciting news out of the CGOA. I am so sad I missed Chainlink, and I did make do with the event in Portland, but still I miss having had the fabulous opportunity to meet up with all the fabulous folks I know in person, and those I have yet to give a big fluffy fibery hug to that I have known online for years!  Vashti Braha of http://www.designingvashti.blogspot.com is a CGOA board member and she announced that the CGOA now has a blog and a flickr page! YAY!

I really loved looking through the blog, seeing the winners of the CGOA design contest, and seeing the member photos (that are also up on Flickr) from the conference. It’s always fun to put faces to names! Don’t forget to check it out and let the CGOA know what you want as a member, they will listen, really!

Keep up the good work CGOA board members!