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Baby Got Drape Competition

Thanks to all of you who have entered the Baby Got Drape Competition! I will be chosing the winners sometime this week, then I shall announce the winners to the world!

We have some lovely, and I mean LOVELY examples of drape in crochet submitted! All of the projects will be put up on a special page on this blog with a definition of drape that you can link to when the whole “Crochet doesn’t have drape” discussion rears it’s ugly head 😉

Hook on! Live Long!

News and more on Drape Competition!

First Iwould love to share the great news that Mary Beth Temple’s Hooked for LIfe is going into it’s second printing! Hah, we kept saying the crocheters could read! Congratulatoins to Mary Beth Temple on that brilliant good news, and I have to admit that after the review here on the CLF Blog; I have read and read the book at least five times 🙂 Love it!


By the way, it’s Monday and that means Mary Beth Temple’s LIVE podcast happens at 9pm Eastern/6 Pacific at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mary-beth-temple! Don’t miss her show!

And more information about the competition!

Someone posed this thought/question “Is it not unfair to have lace entered or open work because they automatically drape?”

Nope. It’s not unfair, and one reason is that they do not always automatically drape. I make lace so tight I don’t need starch. And, if you use worsted weight yarn and a g hook you get stiff no matter what, you may end up with a “drapier” fabric that way, but it will not necessarily produce drape.

We want every kind of drape you can think of in crochet: Solid fabric, open work, lace, swatches of all of those…what ever. Send in your photos PLEASE!

The more PROOF we have the better, and I promise a WHOLE BLOG PAGE to the results!

Remember the competition ends August 9th! I want pictures!

COMPETITION! Baby Got Drape!

Ok, I got to thinkin’. That last post was more of the rantings of a very stressed out,  Fearless Leader. You see yesturday and today I was finishing up the IRS 1023 form for our Friend’s of the Library group and EGADS I just wasn’t thinking. Nothing quite like having not only the fate of your group, but your local library on your shoulders to cloud the brain!

Anyway, last night as I madly rearranged my office/bedroom (yes, it’s a control thing. The world was out of control so I was cleaning at midnight…I never said I was sane.) I thought ‘Egads, this is the perfect competition!”

So folks, I have a copy of the FIRST EVER Book and a t-shirt up for grabs for first and second place in the Baby Got Drape Competition!

Here are the rules:

1) Any one can submit

2) Please send a photo with permission to print on the web of your crocheted item (yes, it must be crocheted) that displays fabulous drape.  If you like watermark or place your copyright information across the photo.

3) You can be professional, or amateur.

4) Please list which fiber/yarn and which size hook and stitch pattern you used to achieve said drape. The item can be however old, as long as you own the right to photograph said item and you made it, you are eligible. 😉

5) Competition closes August 7th, 2009

I will chose the First and Second place winner, and in order to win you MUST send me a valid email address so I can contact you in order to get your mailing information!

Please send photos (no larger than 500×500 pixels) to this EMAIL ADDRESS!  with the subject line reading: BABY GOT DRAPE!