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The Power of Words

I don’t think this will be a long post, my heart aches right now. My grandmother is on my mind as I get ready to go down to Oregon for her funeral, to be held tomorrow. For the past two days, all I’ve done is think about her, what we did together, what was said, what wasn’t said, what shouldn’t have been said and was, and what should have been said and wasn’t. My grandmother had an immense vocabulary, and helped me hew my own vocabulary with badinage, witty repartee, and good old-fashioned debate.

I wasn’t allowed to call things, situations or people stupid, not just because it was rude but because it’s a poor way to describe anything or anyone. There is always a better and more descriptive word than stupid, unless that itself is the bon mot.

What does this have to do about crochet? Don’t worry, I’m getting to it.

For almost 3 years I have blogged, and schemed, and plotted to change our vocabulary when discussing our beloved craft. To find solutions, versus just pointing out the problems. All in all a life time of training has gone into this pseudo-union cum PR firm. Instead of abject control over my language and self, I have chosen humor, and irony to get the relevant matter to hand. I think it has been some what successful.

We, as a group, have made great strides on behalf of our craft. Not because crochet itself is ever insulted, why that is impossible! But, because as the people who chose to do this art/craft we deserve more than derision, and snide commentary. I care less about Pop-culture and media because they are not schooled or trained in what we do, it would merely be amusing to have their interest and accurate portrayal of our craft. No, I am always more concerned with the people and corporations who form the industry which we support through our purchasing power.

From them derision, negative commentary, and lack of service is egregious.

I’m too heartbroken, and tired to trumpet my disgust at an industry that makes millions of dollars from our hobbies and labors. I would like to start a campaign of quiet dignity. It is two-fold.

First: Take a photo of a finished object that you love, that you made with love, that you loved to make. If you can use editing software find a word that is positive in meaning to you, place it somewhere on your photo of the finished object, then post that on Ravelry, on your blog, on your Facebook page, and on twitter. Do it all.

Second: Choose a yarn company or magazine publisher, or book publisher  who’s practices in their language, or comments about crochet have offended you and send them the photo.

Lastly, if you feel like it, link it back to here so I can see what you made, and what word or words were powerful to you.

It is a quiet campaign this time, but I think we’ll be effective.

Team Flaming Hooks: FO of the Day

FO? What’s that? An FO is a Finished Object, as opposed to a UFO which is an Unfinished Object 🙂

Today’s FO in the Spotlight is by CLF Member Traciecrochets, aka Tracie Barrett! Tracie participated in the CAL hosted by noneother than CLF member and online radio Diva, Mary Beth Temple for the Beaded Thistle Shawl.

Tracie finished this piece for the WIP competition  Short Track Shawl competition. Meaning Tracie completed this in three days! What a hooker!  Works in Progress were given their own category. What a stunning entry, what a fabulous pattern, and great Design from Mary Beth.

Stay tuned to the CLF for more yummy, gorgeous, or down right inventive FO features!

Fearless Leader’s Special Hook

I’ve been meaning to show off my special hook. My dear friend and CLF member, Jimbo creator of “Dippy” the world’s largest hook, created this fabulous hook for me. It’s so special and unique, it’s made from the core of my good friend “Dippy.”

CLF Certified World's Most Humongous Hook

Me (Fearless Leader) hugging on our Big Man about Town "Dippy the Wonder Hook"...

Crochet Thoughts…

It’s midweek, life has calmed down from the hectic and frenetic summer rush of activities in my local area. It’s all beginning to wind down, can we just sit here together for a moment, exhale slowly…now reach for that cup of tea and sit back and say, “ahhhhh, another summer of good work done!”

Fall quickly approaches, though you wouldn’t know it here in the Pacific Northwest, and it will probably take a while for the cool, cozy smokey days of Fall to approach us in all it’s glory. Yet, that’s exactly where my mind is turning, I find myself resenting this hot weather, thinking to myself, “Self, where is that cozy fall weather? I want to start all of my fall projects!”

I’m on a Tunisian Crochet kick as of late, and I bought two really cute F and G hooks from an online vendor, they are Boye hooks, which I like anyway. I wish they were slightly longer, but I don’t see why I can’t create my own “cabled” end for them.  I’ve started on a pair of socks I want to do in Tunisian, more details on that later, and I will once again do a fun post for the holidays on gift ideas by mid-September. Do we all cross our hearts and solemnly swear (just like we did last year) to get started on the Holidays early?

One thought I had for gift ideas, was if you have younger relatives, or heck older relatives who have shown interest in learning to crochet, why not gift them with some yarn, and some time with you to learn how? For the younger crowd who may be more likely to want to watch video tutorials on YouTube, why not send them to our Crochet Liberation Front Website to check out our nifty video link page?

And at long last I heard some really exciting news out of the CGOA. I am so sad I missed Chainlink, and I did make do with the event in Portland, but still I miss having had the fabulous opportunity to meet up with all the fabulous folks I know in person, and those I have yet to give a big fluffy fibery hug to that I have known online for years!  Vashti Braha of http://www.designingvashti.blogspot.com is a CGOA board member and she announced that the CGOA now has a blog and a flickr page! YAY!

I really loved looking through the blog, seeing the winners of the CGOA design contest, and seeing the member photos (that are also up on Flickr) from the conference. It’s always fun to put faces to names! Don’t forget to check it out and let the CGOA know what you want as a member, they will listen, really!

Keep up the good work CGOA board members!

COMPETITION! Baby Got Drape!

Ok, I got to thinkin’. That last post was more of the rantings of a very stressed out,  Fearless Leader. You see yesturday and today I was finishing up the IRS 1023 form for our Friend’s of the Library group and EGADS I just wasn’t thinking. Nothing quite like having not only the fate of your group, but your local library on your shoulders to cloud the brain!

Anyway, last night as I madly rearranged my office/bedroom (yes, it’s a control thing. The world was out of control so I was cleaning at midnight…I never said I was sane.) I thought ‘Egads, this is the perfect competition!”

So folks, I have a copy of the FIRST EVER Book and a t-shirt up for grabs for first and second place in the Baby Got Drape Competition!

Here are the rules:

1) Any one can submit

2) Please send a photo with permission to print on the web of your crocheted item (yes, it must be crocheted) that displays fabulous drape.  If you like watermark or place your copyright information across the photo.

3) You can be professional, or amateur.

4) Please list which fiber/yarn and which size hook and stitch pattern you used to achieve said drape. The item can be however old, as long as you own the right to photograph said item and you made it, you are eligible. 😉

5) Competition closes August 7th, 2009

I will chose the First and Second place winner, and in order to win you MUST send me a valid email address so I can contact you in order to get your mailing information!

Please send photos (no larger than 500×500 pixels) to this EMAIL ADDRESS!  with the subject line reading: BABY GOT DRAPE!

CLF’s New Home!!

Welcome to our new home 😉 I know I know, having to re-rss is a PITA, but I have a long list of WHY I moved here, but I will not bore you with the techno speak.

I’ll keep the old blog up for a while, and maybe even keep it there to re-direct folks over here 🙂 You never know. But, it was really simple to move over, and pardon the dust while I work to tweak it here and there, and get all the juicy stuff up and on each page!

I have another wordpress blog called The Secrets of Yarn that I have been unfaithful to over the past year, and so, not wanting to give that up as it is my personal blog, it’s really just easier this way.

Thanks for your patience! Now I’m off to fix links in the Ravelry CLF Forum!