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Supporting our Community

Over the past few days the internet crochet community has been buzzing about our podcasters and their fates! Podcasting is going to start to really cost, many of our beloved casters don’t want to take sponsorship in order to retain their creative freedom…which means we the listeners need to help them out!

You can find Getting Loopy, host of the CLF’s Annual Crochet Awards (The Flamies), at http://www.gettingloopy.com   . Reluctantly, Mary Beth Temple has put a donate now button on her site (cause the community badgered her to! We love the show!), if you can donate please do!

The Yarn Thing Podcast also faces a similar dilema, and Marly could also use donations! You can find the Yarn Thing Podcast on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yarnthing .

We need to support those who support us! If you can’t donate anything, at least help get the message out there, any help is good help! Thank you so much in advance for anything you do in this great effort to keep crochet represented on the web!


Call to Action & CLF News

Recently a discussion ensued on the CLF Message Board on Ravelry.com about the real lack of crochet supplies, patterns, and sundry items in the Knitpicks catalog. In fact one of our members went so far as to contact them about the lack of crochet content in their catalog. Now, to be fair, Knitpicks, sent them a polite letter back stating that their market was for knitters, and that they knew that market best; thus that is whom they serve.

However, another CLF member piped up into the discussion stating that in the Europe Knitpicks makes available have beautiful Harmony Wood CROCHET hook sets, and she would love a set. So, why aren’t they in the US catalog?

The request was made for a call to action. For those of you who hook and want a set of these beautiful hooks, it has been suggested that we use the collective voice in a letter writing campaign to request these very same hooks be sold in the USA. Now they may have lots of reasons for not selling them here, who knows? We won’t find out until we ask, and if enough voices speak up, perhaps they will find that many crocheters actually DO purchase yarn from their catalog! It would be nice to have the same range of patterns and books from them, too. Personally, I don’t shop with them because it is quite obvious it is not my money they are after.

That being said, I full support contact companies and asking for what we DO want. So, if you do like their products or shop from their catalog, maybe this Call to Action is just up your alley!

To write via Snail Mail:

Knit Picks 13118 NE 4th Street Vancouver, WA 98684


I suggest writing them a polite note, inquiring when we crocheters in America get to have our hot little mitts on these hooks. Especially since the knitting needles ARE available for purchase here in the USA.

Now that business is done: NEWS!!

I did manage to get the files uploaded for the editors and graphics folks to take a gander at for the 2nd book! YAY…Crochet In Chains is gonna be awesome. I still have a few little pages to finish writing, but the main section of patterns is formatted, first round edits are complete, and now for those other eyeballs to scan through the pages. YAY!

We are that much closer to our 2nd EVER BOOK!