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Crochet Thoughts…

It’s midweek, life has calmed down from the hectic and frenetic summer rush of activities in my local area. It’s all beginning to wind down, can we just sit here together for a moment, exhale slowly…now reach for that cup of tea and sit back and say, “ahhhhh, another summer of good work done!”

Fall quickly approaches, though you wouldn’t know it here in the Pacific Northwest, and it will probably take a while for the cool, cozy smokey days of Fall to approach us in all it’s glory. Yet, that’s exactly where my mind is turning, I find myself resenting this hot weather, thinking to myself, “Self, where is that cozy fall weather? I want to start all of my fall projects!”

I’m on a Tunisian Crochet kick as of late, and I bought two really cute F and G hooks from an online vendor, they are Boye hooks, which I like anyway. I wish they were slightly longer, but I don’t see why I can’t create my own “cabled” end for them.  I’ve started on a pair of socks I want to do in Tunisian, more details on that later, and I will once again do a fun post for the holidays on gift ideas by mid-September. Do we all cross our hearts and solemnly swear (just like we did last year) to get started on the Holidays early?

One thought I had for gift ideas, was if you have younger relatives, or heck older relatives who have shown interest in learning to crochet, why not gift them with some yarn, and some time with you to learn how? For the younger crowd who may be more likely to want to watch video tutorials on YouTube, why not send them to our Crochet Liberation Front Website to check out our nifty video link page?

And at long last I heard some really exciting news out of the CGOA. I am so sad I missed Chainlink, and I did make do with the event in Portland, but still I miss having had the fabulous opportunity to meet up with all the fabulous folks I know in person, and those I have yet to give a big fluffy fibery hug to that I have known online for years!  Vashti Braha of http://www.designingvashti.blogspot.com is a CGOA board member and she announced that the CGOA now has a blog and a flickr page! YAY!

I really loved looking through the blog, seeing the winners of the CGOA design contest, and seeing the member photos (that are also up on Flickr) from the conference. It’s always fun to put faces to names! Don’t forget to check it out and let the CGOA know what you want as a member, they will listen, really!

Keep up the good work CGOA board members!

Change of Plans & Choices & Books

Ok, CLFers don’t hate on me, cause I’ve had a change of plans for August. Yes, I said I was going to Buffalo, I wanted to go to Buffalo. I love my CGOA brothers and sisters. I wanted to take my hooks and yarns, and buy more hooks and yarns, and play play play! However, I had a few decisions to make and I will spell them out just so my loyal minions and ring leaders know why. I believe in transparency.

If you noticed I haven’t been talking up book 2 too much. That’s because, as with book one, the problem was my computer was running sooooooooooooooo slow.  Now as I wrote in the last post, the CLF has finally made enough to oover a few basic expenses. (Certainly not enough for me to fly to Buffalo AND stay in a hotel, let alone do silly things like eat and stay in the black). So, I made an executive decision to buy new memory for the lap top.

It was a good decision. For you technophiles, envision this. I pulled off a 198 page full color book will a laptop with 2  512K memory sticks installed. Today I got 2 1GB cards put in, I’d have loved to put more, BUT my laptop can’t handle more. Now I should have less freezing, and my c omputer should be able to handle the load of the books.

There is no inspiration for working on a book when your program decides not to respond and you have to recover files and pray you saved the last bit, because it may or may not be able to recover the page.

So, no Buffalo. But, I will be mailing a few things to a few dedicated CLF minions and ring leaders to pass out to all and sundry. And, I will be doing a little subversion here on the left coast. Stay tuned for those details.

The other reason, I chose this, is that my local community fair is the week before Buffalo, and I am the Department Head of the Hand spinning and Fleece division. All of my normal help are elderly, and some of them have been quite ill this year. I will not have the help preceeding the event as normal, and that means for 2 weeks in July (not to mention the actually 3 days of the fair) I will be running my buns off doing my job here locally. I know how exhausted I get those weeks before the fair, and after the event itself, and as a measure of self care, part of my decision to spend the airplane ticket money on the computer (and the other subversive activity) was made knowing I would end up zombie like if I pushed myself.

Thank you for understanding that my will to go cannot meet my physical ability to do so, and I am sad I will miss out on the fun and  seeing and meeting you! BUT next year is the retreat for the CLF, AND I’m thinking of doing a SE USA tour…more details to come when I figure it out !

Hooks Raised! CLF SALUTE!