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CLF Evolution…

“You say you want a revolution…well ya know…we all wanna change the world…”  Recognize the song? I bet you’d be shocked to know it’s one of my favorite songs ever, and has been since I was about six years old. Have you ever listened to the words carefully?

It’s a protest against the call for violent and I would also say, negative, movements for change. It’s showing how silly we can be sometimes as humans as we look at things in terms of black and white.

What the HECK does that have to do with the CLF?

Well my friends, much like my son’s beloved favorite pokemon, I believe in Evolution vs Revolution any day. This is a heads up (if you didn’t notice the blog looks slightly different) that the CLF is getting ready to evolve AGAIN…isn’t that exciting? Nothing too rash at first mind you, but I think it’s time we move upwards a bit…

We have impacted so many changes, many of them small details, and important details. From seeing more and more inclusive crafting language, to seeing the changes in patterns, and the push for more innovation showing results, the CLF has become a force for positive, and proactive change. We should all be proud of ourselves!

I am proud of us 😀 Now that being said, I am working with someone to help us grow, and come February or March I am just gonna say this…you’d better crochet some strings onto your hats, because baby I don’t think we’ll be able to hold on to ’em!!

Are you ready for the next step?

Me too.