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CLF 2010 Retreat: Crochet@Cama

What a place to be creative?!


 Oh yes, this is where we are going to be crocheting! In fact, here’s some more pictures to entice you to come to our fabulous retreat! Yeah, it’s not until October 17-21, 2010, but I want to give you lots of time to think about what classes you want to take and make reservations for your cabins, find roommates and save your pennies for the trip!

Right on the Puget Sound. See Whidbey Island and the Olympic Mts as you step out of your cabin!

Morning Classes taught by Deb Burger, Karen Whooley, Bonnie Pierce, Jim “Jimbo” Price, & me Laurie Wheeler, as well as afternoon and evening activities. Games, nature walks, crochet treasure hunts, and a group project “Nautical Afghan” to be presented to the Center For Wooden Boats for their 2011 charity auction! (Thank you to CWB for partnering with us on the retreat!)

You can find more information about the retreat on our Official Website, or be sure to contact me via email with questions!


 This is where we will meet every morning for “Morning Coffee” (Or beverage of choice)…The “Store”…a great place to gather any time of day!

Picture this, a State Park with no vehicles allowed near the cabins! (A shuttle bus delivers you and your baggage to your cabin). It’s quiet except for the chattering of eagles, the giggles of people thrown back into a time of innocence, and joy at being a part of the natural world around them! It looks rustic, but has great modern features! Each cabin is well heated, with a microwave and a fridge. The waterfront cabins are without bathrooms, but the modern bathhouse has on demand hot water so your showers are NEVER cold! (That’s what I’m talkin’ about)…

Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Kingfishers, dolphins and orcas, as well as harbor seals and california seal lions all call this slice of heaven home! There are also river otters, beavers, deer, and a whole host of other “critters” that can be viewed as you make and crochet your day away at the park!

This is the cleanest and most living beach in Puget Sound, one mile of cobble beach, is there to inspire and invoke awe at natures bounty! I can’t wait to share my home with you!

The "House"

National Crochet Month! It’s here again!

What are you doing for Natcromo? For that matter what are you doing for International Crochet Month? Where ever you live, if crochet is part of your life then this is the month to celebrate all things hookable.

The CLF is co-host of this years Natcromo Party on Ravelry.com, with the usual fun and games! And CLF member Nexstitch has begun a campain to get #crochet as a twitter trending topic! Let’s help her out with that!! Follow her, and the CLF for that matter! (She’s Nexstitch on Twitter too, and we’re CrochetLibFront)  Retweet all the tweets about crochet! Let’s show the world how cool it really is to be a hookster!

Now, here’s some REALLY exciting news!! The web registration is up and running for the retreat! Go to http://www.crochetliberationfront.com Finally!! If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me via my email!

Here’s to crochet!!

**CLF NEWS** CLF Retreat

Hello crochet enthusiasts!

I hope your New Year has abounded with cheer and good things! I feel considerably lighter as we progress into 2010! Here’s to an awesome year! Part of that bubbling excitement is the realness of THE YEAR OF THE RETREAT. As I write this I have my webbuilding software up, and my word processing software up, and I’m finalizing the schedule and web pages for the retreat! That’s right, soon you can register for the retreat and for classes!

You can start booking you cabins  at Cama Beach State Park.  On our retreat webpage there is another link that takes you Camano Island Chamber of Commerce’s list of B&B’s and other accomodations for those of you who wish for a little more luxury in your stay.

We have a thread happening in the CLF Message Board so if you need cabin mates feel free to “hook up” there!

One of the really great things about Cama Beach State Park is the fact there is a wonderful enduring partner in The Center For Wooden Boats. They have graciously agreed to partner with us in the great retreat event! We will make an afghan for their auction at the retreat, and yes it is soooo possible! Check out Center For Wooden Boats and their fabulous programs for adults and youth!

I can’t wait to share the whole event with you! Thank you to the early birds who have already taken advantage of signing up for cabins! You just don’t want to miss out of the fiber adventure of the year!

I also want to remind you that if you haven’t picked up a copy of the CLF First Ever Book they are still available on the website as both a hard copy and a .pdf download! Another little reminder is that I have a guide to fibers called the Secrets of Yarn Project Guide and it’s available for download on lulu.com

Year’s end…2010 and more…

Ok folks, the holidays are almost past us, and I have to admit an error in my judgement. What the HELL was I thinking setting Dec. 31 as the first of my registration days? Are you kidding? There is no way I can do that…Oh sure if I had high speed internet at home, but I don’t. I have to run pillar to post to get my webstuff done. SOOOO…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bear with me…

After the first of the year I will have our Retreat registration up 😉  In the meantime don’t forget to check in at the CLF Website, as that is slowly but surely getting morphed into something a little more polished 😉

And sometime this week I will have a Year’s end post that I think you are all gonna love 😉

Crocheting up a storm!

The weather in the Pacific Northwest finally came back from where ever it was hiding all summer! We’ve had lovely rain storms that have soaked the garden (and oh my pumpkins and squash are so happy!), and the urge to crochet was watered as well!

After my dear friend Ann gifted me with any 5 skeins of her hand spun for my birthday, I had contemplated on what to do with the hand spun love! Three of the skeins became hats (they are short skeins), and two await my lace making pleasure (yummy silks!).

It also felt right to get back to the CLF Adult book Crochet In Chains in earnest!  5 more patterns flawlessly formatted in an unbelievably stress free work session. Though I am writing 3 more “patterns” though they are more like recipes, for “quickie” and “sexy” things to adorn ourselves! And they can be worn outside the boudoir as much as in it! (Well, let’s just say my younger and much hipper friends might…I would silly…mutton dressed as lamb and all that!)

Thoughts are also turning to the CLF retreat in 2010 that doesn’t feel all that far away now that we are almost a year out! It will be held at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island in WA…you can see photos of it here at http://www.crochetliberationfront.com/camabeachphotos.html. You can also see a lovely inside shot of the cabins in the latest Sunset Magazine issue, Cama Beach State Park was rated in the top 10 hide away treasures on the West Coast, and the only one from Washington State!

So, now that I have you excited know that I’m working hard to get the whole shabangy organized!

Competition Ammendment & 2010 Retreat update!

Ok, real quick like the competition has an ammendment for entries! You can just send me links to your photos if you have them stored on a site like Flickr, or Photobucket. If I can’t blog them from there I will ask you for files later when we go to do the blog expose, especially the two big winners!


The 2010 Retreat. On the LONG CLF To-Do list, the Retreat falls somewhere in the middle. I finally got some great photos of the place up, no inside pics but you can go here to Bec Thomas Photography’s website and see a gorgeous interior shot.http://www.becthomasphotography.com/Bed.jpg

I even tested the swings yesturday; they work just fine!



To see fabulous photos, and a little information about the venue (and please bookmark the page because more info will be coming out by October 2009) go to: http://www.crochetliberationfront.com/retreat.html  the photogallery is at http://www.crochetliberationfront.com/camabeachphotos.html