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CLF NEWS: (Inter)National Crochet Month Happenings

Dear Readers and CLF Members,

Due to some errors on page loading, I’m going to write a little different post than planned today! Meanings I cannot link photos today for some weird reason, that will most likely be fixed when I restart my computer. That being said, we are mid-March with lots of happenings for (Inter)National Crochet Month!

Obviously there are the Flamies which are exciting and fun to watch, again the races are so close in many of the categories, and you’ll be amazed at the outcome when we do the Ceremony in April! Remember to vote, and that voting ends next Monday, March 22 at 11:59 pm!

What else is happening? Why the (Inter) National Crochet Month party on Ravelry co-sponsored by the CLF! Once again there is a great FF game, truth and lies, story telling, and CALs galore! You can join in the Crochet Merry Making on Ravelry.com!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day there is a competition on Ravelry.com to be found here, with a wonderful basket of fiberilicious goodies! Check out the competition and join in on the fun!

Many people are taking the opportunity to crochet more and in public during this month dedicated to our favorite pursuit, so join in there too! Also, there is a campaign to make #natcromo a trending topic on twitter, if you do tweet, make sure you tweet with #natcromo and help the cause!

Other things you can do, join the CGOA and/or the CLF! We’re so close to 5,000 members just a few more needed to bump us up to magic number! What a cool National Crochet Month if we can achieve that! Who would have figured when I made a joke back in 2007! But I’m proud of who we are, what we have accomplished and our fabulous future ahead!

A  new graphic, because a few things changed, and I wanted to do it up a little neater…Portland Oregon, Halloween, Crochet, Hand Spinning, Fiber Arts, Party


I’ll be wearing me piratey outfit on Halloween day! How else could I celebrate fuzzy fiber love?!  Though I may wear trousers and a floofy shirt instead of the dress… 🙂 10lbs of chenille in October is pretty comfy 😉

International Crochet Day~ September 12th

Port Towsend Celebrates it's 33rd Wooden Boats Festival

Port Townsend Celebrates it's 33rd Wooden Boats Festival


So, yesterday and part of today I played in Port Townsend, WA which was having it’s 33rd annual Wooden Boats Festival. Port Townsend also happens to be where Mr. Fearless Leader grew up, and his folks still live so we decided to head over this weekend to a) celebrate daughter’s upcoming Sweet 16th, and b) go look at the new center and see all the funky boats.

However, keeping in mind that today was International Crochet Day as declared by our beloved Jimbo two years ago,  I represented the hook as we walked the docks, and saw some pretty incredible boats!

Crocheting in public

Crocheting in public.

Crocheting on the docks of Port Townsend WA

Crocheting on the docks of Port Townsend WA

Oh yeah and there were boats at the Port Townsend Wooden Boats Festival
Oh yeah and there were boats at the Port Townsend Wooden Boats Festival