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CLF NEWS: Crochet Award Nominees for Best Indi Crochet Hooks

As promised the blogging about Crochet Award nominees continues! With once again a reminder to tune into Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple on April 19th, 2010 at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern! You can find out who the winners are then, with special guests and hilarious (promise) commentary!!

Today we’ll feature the nominees for Best Crochet Hooks made by an individual. Indie hooks offer us some of the most unique hooking tools! All of these are wonderful hook makers and have done so much to make beautiful and useful objects to brighten our crochet days! Please check out their websites and wonderful hooks, all of these are beautifully made, and wonderful tools. I actually own hooks from most of these makers, and I love them all!

Turn of the Century Hooks: Fine hand turned hooks in a variety of wood, and styles.

Brain’s Barn:  featuring Custom Handcrafted Wood Crochet Hooks and other Wooden Needlework Items created from a variety of domestic & exotic hardwoods.

Jenkins Woodworking: All Fiber Art tools are made by Ed’s hands in his home shop without the use of computerized machine or sophisticated tools.

Ernst Glass : Our glass crochet hooks are individually handcrafted by Sheila & Michael using the flameworking technique. They come in a hard shell gray or black case for safe and easy storage. (With a no questions asked lifetime waranty.)

Jimbo’s Hooks : Hand turned hooks for sale by auction on Jim’s blog.

 Also please don’t forget to register for the 2010 CLF Retreat “Crochet @ Cama” more details on the CLF Website!


Love Crochet? Have trouble with tension? Check this out!

A while back on the CLF message board someone asked if anyone had bought or used an item called Kroh’s Crochet Aid. No one had, or had any information about it at the time, and I was waiting to hear a review before I wrote about the item in question.

The very same person who had brought up the question, had indeed purchased the item for her mother-in-law, who had ceased crocheting due to health issues. This device helps hold your yarn tension, freeing you to just crochet! Well, since recieving her gift, mother-in-law is back to stitching again!

There are lots of reasons people stop doing their crafts of choice, often it has to do with repetitive stress injuries, arthritis, or worse conditions such as stroke, MS, etc. It’s nice to know that this product exists for those who love crochet, and can afford them the ability to keep on doing what they love.

As you know my dear friend, Ann, has had some close calls with strokes lately, though thankfully she has been left relatively unimpaired physically by these. I have assured her, should another occur that leaves her with weakness on either side of her body, I will make sure she gets one of these devices to help her continue in her needlework!

On a very selfish crochet side, isn’t it cool the tool is called the “Crochet Aid?” I mean how often do we get tools named just for our craft!!

You can see reviews and purchasing information at the websites below.