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Holiday Crochet!

Hearts and star

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Hello my pretties! From here until mid-December I will be putting up great holiday crochet ideas. Most of them will be simple, and quick since that clock is tick tick ticking away!

These really cute ornaments would make quick and easy gifts for relatives, teachers, friends! I could see them used tied to gift tags instead of ribbons etc…Remember teens are getting ready to move out on their own, and may just love to have a set of their own ornaments! That’s what I’m doing for the neices and nephews this year!

These were made by Yarnjungle on Ravelry.http://www.ravelry.com/projects/yarnjungle/christmas-hearts
No pattern listed, but I’m sure the internet is just chock o block of great patterns for christmas ornaments!

If you read Crochet Today, their Fall issue had the most delightful Christmas Ornaments that really made me think, “Now why didn’t I come up with that!”…Ribbon candy!!! I love ribbon candy, and the gingerbread house is just too fun as well…Check it out online here!


Stay tuned, as the projects on Ravelry inspire these gift and decor ideas! You never know when you have a last minute gift that needs hooking up!