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Fair Week again…and the Sock Summit!

If you’ve been with the CLF over the past two years (which by the way our Birthday is July 26th!) then you will know that for about two weeks a year my life is consumed by the local community fair! I love it!

Today I went out to the fair grounds, opened up the old log cabin, and swept, mopped, and dusted. Things weren’t too bad, no rat droppings (yay!), a few mice had tried to take up residence, but thank heavens were not in evidence. I do not have to paint, or do any major repairs to the inside of the building. Starting Tuesday from 10 am until 6pm and on Wednesday from 10am to 8pm I will be recieving entries for the Hand Spinning and Fleece Department at the Stanwood Camano Community Fair. This really is the “Best lil’ fair in the West!”

If you are in the Puget Sound Area and want to have some real old fashioned fun with the family or sweetheart come on out! I’ll be running around doing Superintendant type stuff, but let the folks in the log cabin know you’re on the fair grounds and I’ll try to meet up with you!

We have the best time every year, and we’d love to see you! And yes, of course crochet is very represented!Bec Thomas and Laurie Wheeler Spinning

Oh and the Sock Summit! I’ll be leaving on Thursday Aug. 6 to head down to my friends’ house in Oregon City, Oregon (near Portland), to stay for five whole days! YAY! Some of that will be playing with sock yarn, and sockie kind of activities at the Sock Summit. Some of that visit though is just for me, unadulterated visiting with folks! YAY!

If you’re at the Sock Summit I hope to run into you at the mega vendor’s market, that’s where I’ll be lurking!