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Holiday Crochet: Something Quick & Cute!


Originally uploaded by Cerya (fulloffluff.com)

Well, we have less than 10 days until Christmas, so I’m looking for the quick and cute pattern that will help those last minute, “OMG I forgot so & so!” moments.

These are no ordinary scrubby! I think they are delightfully cute, and reminiscent of Ms. Pacman in a way…or the ghosts…one or the other, but they are really cute!

These “Foamies”Created byCLF Member FullofFluff aka  Carey Huffman, this is a free pattern available here!

Happy Crocheting!

Holiday Crochet: More for HIM!

Open Mitten

Originally uploaded by raelovzyou

Looking for a quick and dirty project for one of themen in your life? These open mittens are a sure hit!

Pattern by Sue Norad, and available HERE.

Made with a fairly bulky yarn & an H hook you can whip these out in no time!

The photo pictured was posted by raelovzyou on Ravelry.com!

Keep your eyes posted for more Holiday Crochet projects. Also, a quick reminder that the CLF First Ever book is available on Amazon.com, and through the CLF Website for under $30 AND as a pdf download for only $9.99!

Halloween Treat Baskets are totally Kitschalicious!

Originally uploaded by stormyzcrochet

I think these are the cutest baskets! They look like a fun and simple project…so if you are looking for a quick and simple way to make those candy carriers for your little ones special evening (or party favors etc etc) check out this pattern by stormyzcrochet! Stormy’z offers the pattern as a free download on ravelry, or you can see more about the baskets on Stormy’z website!

With Halloween just around the corner (next Saturday!) I have been inspired to see what kind of hookalicious goodness is on Ravelry! Check out all the very cool projects and patterns! AMAZING!

Which leads me to congratulating Stormy’z Crochet on being the latest recipient of the CLF’s Kitschalicious Award for outstanding kitschy goodness!

I’m a sucker for kitsch and you got me right where it counts! LOVE these baskets!