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Fearless Leader Decrees…First Annual Winter Crochet Week!

As Fearless Leader of the CLF I hear by decree the very first Pre-Winter Crochet Week…December 5-11, 2010

During this week, we shall do the following:

  1. Seek out the best of the best in crochet to highlight here on the board as well as on our blogs! Let’s show the world how wonderful we really are!!
  2. Have an entire week where we discuss all crochet in a positive light! We can leave What Not to Crochet to that blog and ignore it for a while.
  3. Have an entire week free of the compare and contrast discussions with those who use sticks. We need compare our craft to no other.
  4.  Support each other in our crochet crunch time for those of us who wait to the last minute to finish holiday crafting…(like me)…
  5. Actively seek out cool crochet stories in the news, ignoring what the reporters get wrong,because seriously they really don’t care as much as we do, if it’s really bad we can revise the thought..or wait till the next week…

The GOAL? To empower ourselves, to showcase why we LOVE our craft, to show the public why we love our craft and to support each other in our crafting efforts..On this day, December 1, 2010 I, Fearless Leader in a Captain Picard like manner (only with way more hair) here by declare to the members of the CLF… MAKE IT SO!

Deck the Halls…

It is now safe to go to the CLF Website. All fixed, all better, now I can get back to work on the website. YAY… So let’s celebrate with some Holiday Carols shall we? This adorable wall hanging is perfect for those who “Need a Little Christmas” or enjoy the by gone Victorian mood of the holidays ;D That and I think they are so cute! For only $15 you get an amazingly detailed and versatile pattern! Too much fun!


The pattern is by Lois Leigh Anderson and can be found here!

Back to the Holidays…

So I desperately need crochet distractions at the moment…I really shouldn’t have posted that last blog post as if I was through with the mayhem that has been this week…ah no…no the finale…The CLF Website has been hacked, I am currently working with my webhost to get the site back in working order (am I glad that I didn’t do all that work I had planned to do this week and couldn’t because of the missing lap top cord.)…It should all be good at the end of the day, but it’s just one more thing to make me think, perhaps this past week I may have been better served by staying in bed! LOL…

So, please don’t go to the CLF Website until I can give you the all clear…and here’s the really good news…You can’t miss on ordering the CLF Book, just go to the Lulu site… http://www.lulu.com/camanomade to order the CLF Book as a pdf download or to purchase the Secrets of yarn guide and a few of my patterns 😀

Now…for some crochet goodness by CLF Member Robynlicious she made this gorgeous hat from Julie Armstrong Holetz’s Seattle Slouch Hat pattern…this is the essence of living in Western Washington, great yarn, great colors, great style…Yeah…its’ wet here and we need hats, everyone loves a cool hat here in the great NW…

You can get the pattern for only $5! It’s a steal for such an awesome hat, written by a great designer!! No one complains about a cool hat for Christmas!

Holiday Crochet: Making Memories

When I was a little girl, I had many  gifts given to me that were made by grandmas and aunties, and my mom. I loved those gifts; doll dresses, my very own Christmas ornaments, hats, the world’s longest scarf, bean bag critters, a leather pouch WITH fringe, necklaces, and ponchos, even a really cool Humpty Dumpty that fit over a “L’eggs Egg” and doubled as a penny bank.

 Oh sure people like to put us down, especially those snobby types, but frankly I don’t know if those snobby types would understand, “magic of the season” if it snuck up behind them and glittered their behinds.

Truly, what you do has a value, and the things you make, perfectly stitched or wobbly and just beginning , are making the magic of the season happen. When you can delight a child or friend, or spouse or even better yet yourself, with your crochet creations you have achieved something wonderful! You are directly responsible for making memories! Don’t think the youngsters won’t appreciate what you do. Even in our “throw away culture” kids aren’t stupid, they know and feel love when they see it! Adults are the same way, and if they can’t? Well, just feel bad for them (and don’t make them anything for a while, if ever again.)

You are not a sweatshop, you are not cheap labor, and those things shouldn’t exist anyway. Don’t let the pressure of the season get you down. Don’t let snide comments get you down. Because a simple crocheted rose on a hair clip, can make a face light up. Heck, I’ve made old ladies eyes light up with those! When what you do adds value to someone’s life not just because of the tangible and physical value of the object, but because you invested your purpose and time into the item made, you have given one of the greatest gifts of all: you.

That’s not too shabby.