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Fearless Leader Decrees…First Annual Winter Crochet Week!

As Fearless Leader of the CLF I hear by decree the very first Pre-Winter Crochet Week…December 5-11, 2010

During this week, we shall do the following:

  1. Seek out the best of the best in crochet to highlight here on the board as well as on our blogs! Let’s show the world how wonderful we really are!!
  2. Have an entire week where we discuss all crochet in a positive light! We can leave What Not to Crochet to that blog and ignore it for a while.
  3. Have an entire week free of the compare and contrast discussions with those who use sticks. We need compare our craft to no other.
  4.  Support each other in our crochet crunch time for those of us who wait to the last minute to finish holiday crafting…(like me)…
  5. Actively seek out cool crochet stories in the news, ignoring what the reporters get wrong,because seriously they really don’t care as much as we do, if it’s really bad we can revise the thought..or wait till the next week…

The GOAL? To empower ourselves, to showcase why we LOVE our craft, to show the public why we love our craft and to support each other in our crafting efforts..On this day, December 1, 2010 I, Fearless Leader in a Captain Picard like manner (only with way more hair) here by declare to the members of the CLF… MAKE IT SO!

Beary Cute! Hookalicious Crochet!

Well, it’s official summer is here! I keep meaning to get my “business” work done, but family has tasks for me at the moment…I believe after Thursday this week, I should have time to do “my thing.” At least for a little bit. Welcome to the life of a middle aged mom of two! LOL

However, I committed myself to blogging even though I had three meetings today!  Son and I are doing interpretive programs at the local State Park, Cama Beach, concerning garbage and recycling. Keeping our planet clean for our own health and future is important to us, and it’s part of his environmental science program. I’m not into the doom and gloom brand of teaching so we’re going to do fun games, and a puppet show (people, that boy of mine makes those puppets come alive, he doesn’t even need to do voices…he’s got the right moves, and the kids love him!)…In light of this love of community work, volunteering, charitable giving and time, today’s Hookalicious Award goes to CLF member Raven for this gorgeous dress on the bear!


Raven’s local guild decided to dress teddy bear’s to donate to their local police department to give to children who have experienced trauma. I’ve donated stuffed animals to similar programs in my area, and it is something vitally important! And that dress is too cute!

Raven congratulations I award you the CLF Hookalicious Award for beautiful crochet and community spirit! Hook on ! Live Long!