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Spookilicous Skull!


Originally uploaded by Geminimind

Wow this is great, nothing like having your household skull kitted out for Spookilicious fun!

This is brilliant, made by Geminimind on Ravelry from the pattern by Woolyworm head http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hat-of-horns from the Anti-Craft, Samhain 2006.

So, I found my pirate hat as you know, I also found the ellusive L hook and a P, and several J’s…Got the fleece put together, the wheel (though I have to stop at the hardware store and grab some bushings for it…they keep popping out and getting lost…ah well a .39 cent fix 😉 LOL…), carders, and I think I’ll crochet me some quickie slippers on the drive down to Portland tomorrow 😉

Hubby is driving, kids are staying at home (first time by themselves but only for one night, they are at friend’s houses Friday and possibly Saturday.) EEK a coming of age for all of us.

I’m really excited to meet everyone, especially Rockpool Candy who is coming all the way from Northern Ireland! Shannon and Emily at Twisted have yet to meet, though I’ve been in their very very yummy yarn store! And I get to see Jimbo and Karol again, I swear the nicest couple in the universe 😉

I hope you come to see us if you’re in the Portland Area! Don’t forget Friday from 5-8pm and Saturday from 12-4pm…Be there or be round!

A  new graphic, because a few things changed, and I wanted to do it up a little neater…Portland Oregon, Halloween, Crochet, Hand Spinning, Fiber Arts, Party


I’ll be wearing me piratey outfit on Halloween day! How else could I celebrate fuzzy fiber love?!  Though I may wear trousers and a floofy shirt instead of the dress… 🙂 10lbs of chenille in October is pretty comfy 😉