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This has been a crazy busy kind of week here at the Wheeler household, getting a lot of “foundations” laid for the future of the children, and myself too. It is a good week to do that, as summer began, a new season dawned, but the whole theme can truly be summed up in one word: Foundations.

A dear friend of mine, has spent her week laying the foundation for a cob building in her back yard. Back breaking work that, hundreds of pounds of stone put into place, and in her words, “I don’t think we’ll be able to get the rafters up for quite some time. I thought we’d be done with the walls by now.”

I reminded her that making anything from scratch always visualizes whole, and we have to work to meet that visualization. No matter what we do, the foundation is paramount to a substantial piece that is full of integrity. Be that piece a building, a sweater or a life. Foundations, they fill our world, and if the foundation is not solid, then the whole can not be sustained.

I’ve learned this in crochet well, after all how often do we power through a long foundation chain only to find our stitches too tight and the piece begins to pucker from the get go? Or too loose and it starts to ruffle?  Foundations my friends, can be found in everything. The nice thing about crochet, versus working in wood, or cement, or glass, is that we can rip out the stitches and begin anew. It’s no failure to rip out our stitches, it means we’re expert enough to know when we’ve made an error that needs to be fixed! And, unlike in more solid media, we don’t have to send anything to the scrap pile if we don’t want to!

There are so many kinds of ways to do foundations in crochet, it’s the flow of it that works or doesn’t work for us! If making a regular chain leads to the same problem every time, use a single crochet foundation stitch, I’ve begun to use those, I can’t say I’m completely comfortable with the new foundation. But, isn’t that way of any structural life change? When we begin to build anew, it should feel uncomfortable because we are unpracticed.

Well, that’s my two cents for the day! Have a beautiful and creative weekend!

Crochet Time…

Well, I’ve obviously not be blogging much, sadly I haven’t crocheted a whole lot either, well that’s not true. I can say I have crocheted but not finished anything of note. I have a broomstick belt that needs another five rows, a half done wash cloth, the back of a sweater, half an afghan, three quarters of a baby blanket, and 1/4 of a hooded cowl on my hooks right now. I’m scattered.

I have to say it’s just the way it is right now in life. I’m scattered, my brain is scattered, my life is scattered, and so my crochet is scattered. I attacked my house with a vengence yesturday and cleaned, trying to create order. I mean I have a retreat to finish up, by the way don’t forget to register!! Articles must be written, samples must be finished, and presents need to be whipped out and ends woven in!

May be I’ll get some of that done to tomorrow! The one thing I do know, is I absolutely love every project I’m working on, so it could be worse 😉