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Spookilicious Spider Hat!

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As promised! I’ll posting some of my favorite Halloweeny projects from Ravelry.com. This morning’s offering comes courtesy of AngelaCatrina! The Along Came a Spider Hat is totally Spookilicious!

What an amazing and fun idea! Too much fun!

You know me, I’m a sucker for a funkydoodle hat!

I was going to post the links to the pattern because they were once available. Sadly this designer no longer has her patterns for sale,and she has wonderful projects in her project page.

If she ever does go back up online, I want to know because I will link her greatly creative and funkified patterns here on the blog!

Speaking of Halloween… It is 4am I am not in bed yet, because why? I was digging through my “office/room” looking for the hat that goes with my Pirate Outfit. I turned the entire place upside down, and yes, there is mucho mucho yarn and fiber to contend with…I HAD to find it, because the outfit so doesn’t work without the hat!

In fact, this hat is beyond special to me, because when I wore in pubic the first time for the CGOA regional in Portland Oregon (Fall ’08), Doris Chan loved my hat! Yes, DORIS CHAN loved my hat!
I was most pleased that she noticed the fact that the outfit comes together through the hat.

When I designed the outfit, I found that it was lacking something when I put it on. Sure it was cool and the epaulets are a neat touch, but it swamped me small frame. So I made a glorious Chapeau a la Pirate and voila, the whole thing really does becomes one great piece. Panic happened when I could not find me piratey hat…the good news? I had it safely put away where it couldn’t get hurt…Which of course is why I could not find it ūüėČ Since when do I put stuff away right?

Now for my hook collection, where is that L hook?¬† …

Twistedpdx, Crochet, Handspinning, Giant Web, Halloween Party

Twistedpdx, Crochet, Handspinning, Giant Web, Halloween Party


And just so you know if you are planning on spinning at this event PLEASE Bring natural colored wool…Crocheters needed to make the web!

****NEWS****CLF Events!

This weekend I’ll be down at the Oregon Flock and Fiber checking out all the scrumptious fluffy goodness! If you are there look for me! Don’t feel shy come introduce yourself! Also, while there I’ll be inviting YOU and your friends to show up at Twisted¬†on Broadway in Portland October 30th and 31st (yup Halloween).

International Fiber Artist and CLF Member Rockpool Candy¬†has her mind set on getting crocheters and handspinners together to make a GIANT spider’s web that we will then felt somewhere, some how (workin’ on that). BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Jimbo will be present with his GIANT HOOK, yup we’re going to see if this HUGE HOOK will make it into the Guiness Book of World’s Records for the Largest USEABLE crochet hook! I can’t wait to see this!

Event times:

Friday October 30th all day or drop in from 5pm -8pm to enjoy some festivities!

Saturday October 31st special happening kicking off at 12noon going until  5pm!

International Crochet Day: Sept 12

The Great Jimbo of Jimbo’s Frontporch¬†has created a MONSTER hook, in fact it could be a world’s record breaking hook and we’ll find out about that in Portland, Oregon at Twisted!¬†Halloween Weekend…

But above all else Jimbo is famous for not just making beautiful hooks of art, he decreed and declared (three years ago) that there be an International Crochet Day every September 12th!

We are still lobbing Hallmark to make fantanstic cards and useless gifts to go along with the occassion but they have not met our demands…phooey!

Anyway, the Crochet Liberation Front utterly and completely adores this International Day and ask all of you who love the hook, who love the yarn, who love crochet to blog, crochet in public (CIP), to wear your glorious hand crafted fashions, to drape your family, and pets, and yet even the Hermit Crab in crocheted goodness! (Ok, maybe draping the hermit crab is going a bit far…)

What are your plans for this illustrious day?

Fall Issue of Crochet Uncut!

Hey hooksters the unofficial official magazine of the Crochet Liberation Front: Crochet Uncut, has released it’s Fall Issue! Just in time for our itchy fingers to get busy!

Also a few places of note: The fourth weekend of this month called September, I’ll be trekking down to the Oregon Flock and Fiber with my good friend, nature photographer Bec Thomas¬†to see fibery goodness, and hopefully hook up with Myra Wood who is teaching a wonderful class at this huge event! YAY!

Then my family and I are heading down to Portland Oregon for Halloween to hang out with Inga (Rockpoolcandy) and Jim (Jimbo) to do something with the world’s largest crochet hook, handspinning, crochet and a spiders web! Stay tuned for more information!

If you are a spinner/crocheter or like to goofy and are in the Portland area and want to help let us know!

R&R, Crochet, and heading home

The past five days have been wonderful, between the fabulous time I had at the Sock Summit on Friday and Saturday, and the wonderful and restorative visit I have had with friends here in Oregon City with my good friends,  I am relaxed, refuelled and ready to get back into the swing of things. (And I am REALLY looking forward to giving that big man of mine a hug when I get home!)

This week, I’ll get more pictures done of the loot I’m carting home, and decide (eep, that’s not going to be easy) on who wins what in the CLF Baby Got Drape competition. Tomorrow the drive will take me about five hours, and I plan on winding home leisurely while looking very forward to my next visit, which may be in September for the Oregon Flock & Fiber festival!

Any chance to stay with my dear friends Gabrielle and Thomas Chavez is grabbed up greedily! Gabrielle is a raw food chef par excellence! So, I always leave here not only rejuvenated by the decade long friendship and commeraderie, I also leave with a full tummy, and feeling very healthy! How’s that for bang for your buck! I want to give the Chavezes a little plug here, since there are a few spaces left for the Raw & Living Spirit Retreat at the end of August. It’s very very worth the time and exceedingly affordable and transformational experience!

Sock Summit: Day 2 more loot & Superheroey Goodness

Biff and BAM!

Biff and BAM!

Ok, so today I remembered to put the SD card IN my camera! Whoo! There’s a thought.¬† So I woke up late today, and had to run into Portland to get to Jasmin and the crew of the Knit More Girls Podcast. Despite the K word in the title of the podcast, these lovely ladies are cheerleaders for Croch-equality! Crochequity! and well all the fine stuff we are!

I realize that they have a lot of pointy stick listeners, and so I was to the point…get it? To the point? Never mind yet another horrible Fearless Leader pun. We had a fun interview, even though poor Jasmin was feeling quite unwell (she had recovered later in the afternoon, and I was so glad to hear that. Her mother is a doll by the way!) So, we discussed the publishing industry, and the CLF’s beginnings, I tried to plug as many of our beloved CLF members as I could think of (and I hadn’t finished my morning coffee yet, and I know I missed more than a few of you!)…I brought my tunisian knit stitch swatch with me, and showed them my version of the k activity. They were mystified and impressed! YAY…Damn fine if you ask me ;)(I really have my tension down on that stitch now, and it looks really polished)…but we also talked about how silly it is to judge crafts, and how important it is to enjoy what you do no matter what. Because really, isn’t that what truly matters? But I did not leave out how hurtful, and personal putting down crochet (or any creative activity) has been for so many people.¬† I even mentioned that I had been fully prepared to deal with an at best lack of acceptance of crochet at the Sock Summit, even in the market place …but was pleasantly shocked that I got NO SNUBBING! Not once. What a record…And I wasn’t even sporting CLF regalia when I did my first lap through,because ¬†I was testing the waters. (Don’t worry had their been snubbery, I’d have gone straight into action using my Crocheted Super Hero Cape!)

So what did I get today? More Laurell Hill Hooks (cause I just knew I’d regret not doing it), and a skein of very pretty silk/linen yarn, and a fabo swift from Paradise Fibers, and some devil ducky stitch markers from our very own Craft Kitten’s friends! I also got some beautiful buttons and some camel/silk roving from Crown Mountain Farms!

OOOH OOOH! And I won a door prize! How cool is that or what? I never win door prizes, and it was two beautiful skeins of handspun! I was so stoked! They came with a Cowardly Lion Doll!

However the highlight of the day was doing a second “photo shoot” with CLF Member Mortaine, aka Stephanie of Handk…Heros! (Which is a bistitchural comic book btw and very freakin’ funny!) Check out more secret identity photos on the Handknit Hero’s website!

Before the fight