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Beary Cute! Hookalicious Crochet!

Well, it’s official summer is here! I keep meaning to get my “business” work done, but family has tasks for me at the moment…I believe after Thursday this week, I should have time to do “my thing.” At least for a little bit. Welcome to the life of a middle aged mom of two! LOL

However, I committed myself to blogging even though I had three meetings today!  Son and I are doing interpretive programs at the local State Park, Cama Beach, concerning garbage and recycling. Keeping our planet clean for our own health and future is important to us, and it’s part of his environmental science program. I’m not into the doom and gloom brand of teaching so we’re going to do fun games, and a puppet show (people, that boy of mine makes those puppets come alive, he doesn’t even need to do voices…he’s got the right moves, and the kids love him!)…In light of this love of community work, volunteering, charitable giving and time, today’s Hookalicious Award goes to CLF member Raven for this gorgeous dress on the bear!


Raven’s local guild decided to dress teddy bear’s to donate to their local police department to give to children who have experienced trauma. I’ve donated stuffed animals to similar programs in my area, and it is something vitally important! And that dress is too cute!

Raven congratulations I award you the CLF Hookalicious Award for beautiful crochet and community spirit! Hook on ! Live Long!

CLF Happenings…

The CLF Message board is a very busy place, sometimes it’s dizzyingly busy! But recently we’ve had several topics come up that are quite interesting.

The first of note is a discussion about standards in crochet, and there are some out in the world floating around, but nothing really staunch. And well, maybe it’s a good thing, and maybe it’s not. What is a great thing is the wonderfully mature discussion happening about the subject. I invite you to weigh in on the topic here in this thread 😉

Also interesting was some folks asking where to get things with the CLF logo, a button, bumper stitcker, stickers or something! Well we do have something available in our Zazzle storefront, so if you want to brandish your CLF pride, go to our store and grab something 😉 I don’t promote that as much as I should, but mostly cause I don’t want to irritate you all with it!

Also, are you interested in being part of the 2011 Flamies nominating committee? I will be posting more information in the coming weeks, but think about it! I will have some criteria created and we’ll accept nominations on the CLF board as per normal, and then we’ll make make our final decisions 😉 This whole Flamie thing is kind of a big deal now, one more fun idea that took off! Never ceases to amaze me 😉

CLF NEWS: (Inter)National Crochet Month Happenings

Dear Readers and CLF Members,

Due to some errors on page loading, I’m going to write a little different post than planned today! Meanings I cannot link photos today for some weird reason, that will most likely be fixed when I restart my computer. That being said, we are mid-March with lots of happenings for (Inter)National Crochet Month!

Obviously there are the Flamies which are exciting and fun to watch, again the races are so close in many of the categories, and you’ll be amazed at the outcome when we do the Ceremony in April! Remember to vote, and that voting ends next Monday, March 22 at 11:59 pm!

What else is happening? Why the (Inter) National Crochet Month party on Ravelry co-sponsored by the CLF! Once again there is a great FF game, truth and lies, story telling, and CALs galore! You can join in the Crochet Merry Making on Ravelry.com!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day there is a competition on Ravelry.com to be found here, with a wonderful basket of fiberilicious goodies! Check out the competition and join in on the fun!

Many people are taking the opportunity to crochet more and in public during this month dedicated to our favorite pursuit, so join in there too! Also, there is a campaign to make #natcromo a trending topic on twitter, if you do tweet, make sure you tweet with #natcromo and help the cause!

Other things you can do, join the CGOA and/or the CLF! We’re so close to 5,000 members just a few more needed to bump us up to magic number! What a cool National Crochet Month if we can achieve that! Who would have figured when I made a joke back in 2007! But I’m proud of who we are, what we have accomplished and our fabulous future ahead!

Nominations Needed!! Please!

After running a message board and a world wide group of crochet enthusiasts you so can’t tell me you don’t have opinions! I know you have them, and I know you have a lot of them! We’re all about being practive in the CLF, and so I ask you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are a CLF Member go to the Ravelry.com group we started just for nominations for the 2010 Crochet Awards…We have Flamies to give out next year, I will start the voting process in January, so we can be fully prepared to do the award ceremony in March of 2010!

Do you have to nominate in every category?  Nope.

Do you have to be an expert to nominate? Nope.

Can you nominate your friends? Yup.

Go HERE to nominate your favorites