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Featured FO of the day! Car Blanket

As the first week of Ravelympics mania has us all glued to our hooks and yarn, the projects have slowed down a little in the group. If you are like me you whipped out a few quickies, and then settled into the long distance projects!

This car blanket by CLF Flaming Hooks member camelvineyard is so lovely! A great  way to stash bust!

Well done! Hook on peeps…Can’t wait for more FO’s to post about!

And, as we speak about awards and competitions…know that I am busy making the survey’s to conduct voting for the 2010 Flamie awards. It will be a little while before I’m done, but it’s the worth the wait! Stay tuned and be ready to vote when I holler GO 🙂

Team Flaming Hooks: FO of the Day

FO? What’s that? An FO is a Finished Object, as opposed to a UFO which is an Unfinished Object 🙂

Today’s FO in the Spotlight is by CLF Member Traciecrochets, aka Tracie Barrett! Tracie participated in the CAL hosted by noneother than CLF member and online radio Diva, Mary Beth Temple for the Beaded Thistle Shawl.

Tracie finished this piece for the WIP competition  Short Track Shawl competition. Meaning Tracie completed this in three days! What a hooker!  Works in Progress were given their own category. What a stunning entry, what a fabulous pattern, and great Design from Mary Beth.

Stay tuned to the CLF for more yummy, gorgeous, or down right inventive FO features!

Ravelympic 2010 updates…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a little distracted by all the exciting things happening on my television set! I was crocheting alone, and then the Mogul competition got going and I forgot to keep crocheting and lost what row I was on…Thank heaven’s my big project for the design a published pattern is a pretty easy to remember stitch repetition for the base of it!

So, far I am not the only Team Flaming Hooks member to face an injury, after the attack on my finger, fellow team mate and all star crocheter, Crochetexaminer, had the wind come out of no where and slam a door on her finger…I tell ya, it’s a conspiracy…Of what? By whom? Who knows…All jokes aside, it’s so much fun to do this, it’s exciting to crochet for the stretch of it, stretching our skills, our speed, our talents, our knowledge base, that’s the best part!

With over 50 projects listed on our Team Flaming Hooks group projects page, most of them finished, this appears it will be an active games! I will be featuring these throughout the week…For now, I’ll feature the one I made impromptu yesturday for my neice, Wonder Princess Gwen…A heart shaped pocket purse (that came with some yummy bon bons)…Just in time for Ravelympics and Valentine’s Day! WHOOT!

Let the Games Begin!

At 6pm Pacific Standard Time the Ravelympics kicked off! Team Flaming Hooks, the official team of the Crochet Liberation Front, started the games in fine form. Balls were wound, hooks polished and at the ready. The team had limbered up with stretching exercises and yes, those fabulous finger exercises that really wiggle and loosen you up!

This team member, Fearless Leader, has begun the games with an injured index finger. That’s right, Thursday evening while cooking dinner a can lid jumped out an attacked my finger. So, far it doesn’t look like it will impair my abilities in competing!

So, far I have completed a child’s neck warmer, and am working on a valentine’s day themed scarf for my daughter, I have the stitch pattern worked up and the wrap I am designing for the pattern writing event ready to go, and today I will be out with hubby all day driving from book store to book store, so should get a fair amount completed on that drive. I am hoping to complete the It’s a Wrap and pattern in a few days. It’s a simple stitch pattern, just working on the dimensions, but as with all things simple, ever mistake can show, so working on keeping up the polish.

Also in the works, a vest to go with the cutest blouse I bought the other day…Isn’t that why we buy clothes?

Don’t forget that you can root for our team, we need cheers and cheerleaders for the CLF!!

Hook on my friends! Hook on!

ETA:  I thought perhaps listing the wacky events might inspire some cheering and participation! For more information go to Ravelry.com  to the official Ravelympics Group Page for rules etc…

  • Aerial Unwind eventaerial (Frog those poor unloved projects to reclaim that yarn. (This event only: requires a WIP or FO pic and frog pile pic)
  • Bag Jump eventbagjump (Bags, totes, pouches)
  • Beading Biathlon eventbead (All things beaded and embellished)
  • Bobsled eventbobsled (All things pets)
  • Cable Cross-Country eventcable (All things cables)
  • Charity Curling eventcharity (Projects for charity)
  • Designer Biathlon eventdesignerbiathlon (From a swatch to published pattern in 17 days sample completed and pattern released on ravelry – swatching allowed before torch lit)
  • Designer Original Dance eventdesignerdance (Create your own design sample from scratch in 17 days {swatching allowed before torch lit}; pattern need not be written])
  • Designer Pattern Skeleton eventdesignerpattern (Create a publishable pattern (sample can be already knit); do what you feel is necessary to produce a publishable pattern testing, editing, etc)
  • Downhill Dyeing eventdyeing (dyeing yarns – this will only create stash)
  • Felting Freestyle eventfelting (All things felting and fulled)
  • Fleece to FO Long-Track eventfleece (Start with fleece or roving and create a finished object)
  • Flying Camel Spin eventflyingcamel (Just spinning…lots and lots of spinning)
  • Free Dance eventfreedance (Don’t fit into any other event? This is for you)
  • Giant Slalom-ghan eventgiantslalomghan (Afghan, blankets, throws)
  • Hat Halfpipe eventhathalfpipe (All things hats and heads)
  • Holiday Jump-Start Skiing eventholiday (Projects to be gifted/given in Dec 2010 and holiday-themed items; also any gift-giving projects qualify here )
  • Junior Olympics eventjunior (garments/accessories for kids and babies {toys have their own event})
  • Labyrinth Weaving eventweaving (All things woven)
  • Lace Luge eventlaceluge (Lace patterns and laceweight yarns)
  • Mitten Moguls eventmittenmoguls (Mittens, gloves, anything that covers hands/wrists/arms)
  • Nordic Colorwork Combined eventnordiccolorwork (Colorwork, intarsia, fair isle)
  • Platter Lift eventplatter (Home and décor projects)
  • Samalog Machine Skate eventsamalog (Machine knitting)
  • Scarf Super-G eventsuperg (Scarves, cowls, neckwarmers, smokerings, scarflettes…all things neck)
  • Short Track Shawls eventshorttrackshawls (Shawls, stoles, wraps, shawlettes)
  • Single Skein Speed Skate eventspeedskate (Projects of just one skein/hank)
  • Skelegurumi eventskelegurumi (Toys and amigurumis)
  • SnowCross eventsnowcross (Projects that combine knitting, crochet, needle-felting, embroidery, sewing …; minimum of 2 crafts combined together)
  • Sock Hockey eventsockhockey (All things socks and slippers)
  • Stash Compulsory Dance eventstashdance (Use of long-neglected stash purchased at least 1 year ago)
  • Sweaterboard Cross eventsweaterboard (All forms of sweaters, vests, cardis, pullovers, boleros)
  • WIPs-Dancing eventwipsdancing (WIPs/UFOs and only these; Projects not touched since Jan 12th)

The Ravelympics! Support Your CLF Team

The yarn world’s answer to real competition, the Ravelympics start this Friday to celebrate the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. This is the second Ravelympics, for those of us who love watching them and for those who don’t, an excuse to play with yarn is always grand!

This time around the CLF has a team, The CLF Flaming Hooks!!  Notice how cool our badges are!

To join the team (there’s still time) go here!, you can belong to more than one team, but they do ask that entries are submitted for only one team that you are on. So Fearless Leader (me) is on two teams, both Flaming Hooks and ColorBOMBers, my handspinning and dyeing entries will go to the second team, my crochet entries will go to the CLF 😉

I just bought a wonderful cotton yarn to make a lace wrap for spring, and I’m going to try to have that as my designed and published piece!

To see the rules and events check it out on Ravelry.com, and enjoy! Everything kicks off 6pm PST on Friday, Feb 13!

Stay posted for more information and pics of Fearless Leader’s and other CLF member’s entries!

Ravelympics Team: The Flaming Hooks.

Today is the last day to vote on the CLF’s team for the “Ravelympics”  button and banner! Go vote for your favorite HERE!

I voted 🙂

We have 71 folks in the group  and let’s have some more! Let’s smoke them all with crocheted brilliance. There are so many events to choose from!!! I’m inspired, and have plans…yes, plans…be wary..oh yes, plans.

I digress, we can use more people to sign up! And I give huge thanks to CLF members, arielart and tena for their hard work setting up the team, and moderating the forum! Thank you so much guys!!

You’ve never heard of the Ravelympics? Why it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of global fiber artistry! During the two weeks of the Olympics, we who do fiber arts can sit and watch the events, AND even better compete against each other to see who can use up the most yarn, crochet the most lace, work more single skein projects and so much more 😉